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Adam & Eve Survey- Free Adult Content is the Favorite

NL- I prefer to watch a dvd of adult movies. I like to see it on a big screen TV, and have the option of starting and stopping and having the sound loud, and great picture quailty. I like cuddling on the couch or bed. I don’t like watching  on my computer, it doesn’t feel like relaxing, it feels like work. I don’t ever watch anything on a free site, and I have not yet ever (except a free ten minutes at Hot Movies once maybe) watched a streamed adult movie on my computer. What about you guys?

How Do You Prefer to View Your Adult Content?

Hillsborough, NC  —
America’s most trusted source for adult products, has never been afraid to askc
the hard questions when it comes to anything sexual. And this month’s “Great
American Sex Survey” tackles the question “How do you prefer to watch adult

When over 1,000 American adults were asked what format they preferred to view
their adult entertainment, “free sites” was the overwhelming winner with 44% of
the respondents. A surprising 36% said they did not watch adult content, and 16%
said they preferred to view adult DVDs. Only 4% said they preferred pay-per-view

“It’s no surprise that free sites are the obvious choice for adult viewers,”
says Dr. Kat Van Kirk, resident sexpert for<>.
“There is a niche for every sexual preference under the sun. And it’s FREE!
Unfortunately, a lot of the major adult studios are financially hurt when their
content is leaked to the public this way. In addition, many viewers don’t know
the source or circumstances behind their free adult content. ”

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