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Adam & Eve- Vibrators rocked their profits

NL- You have to give A & E credit. They are pulling a profit out of a shit economy, they donate tons to charity and they have 3 amazingly gorgeous & sweet contract girls, Teagan Presley, Bree Olson, Alexis Ford. Plus I love that 33% of their sales are from female jerk off devices!

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Hillsborough, NC – Adam & Eve, America’s most trusted source  for products, is pleased to announce a strong increase in profits for 2009.

Adam & Eve’s award-winning website ( and mail order catalog bucked the retail trend by increasing profits in a year when many companies were relieved to break even.

“Through smarter marketing efforts, by taking advantage of growing marketing channels and by increasing operational efficiencies, we improved our profit by 17% over 2008,” says Adam & Eve Marketing Director Chad Davis.

“Definitely, 2009 was a challenging year,” continues Davis.  “We experienced a slight decline in sales as the paper side of the business shrank more quickly than we anticipated.  Offsetting that shrinkage were both an increase in the efficiency of our marketing dollars and sales growth in other areas. Fortunately, December sales were up over 2008 and profits for the month and year
were very healthy.”

Areas of growth in 2009 included e-mail marketing, paid search marketing and marketing for<> that is placed offline in radio, TV, podcasts and other areas. These areas had double-digit growth for the second consecutive year.

Similar to the shift of business from traditional catalog to internet-based is the shift in product preference of the customer.  Personal massagers (vibrators) continue to make up a larger portion of web sales.  Personal massager (vibrators) sales hit another high in 2009 and accounted for 1/3 the overall revenue.

“We attribute some of this shift to the customer base ordering from our website,” says Davis. “Typically, more women order online than through our traditional catalog.”

With more than 10 million satisfied customers and nearly 40 years in business, Adam & Eve continues to set the bar in quality adult entertainment products and sales.

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