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Adrenalynn: Exclusive LIB interview & pics

The first time I read her name, Adrenalynn, I knew I was going to like this girl. Cool, original, creative, name, with lots of meaning. And she turned out to fit that name exactly. She’s also a unique person, and doesn’t make excuses for being different, she just is. When i saw her pictures I thought she was hot, in a punky, tattoed girl with an attitude kind of way. I was very disappointed when she signed a contract because I thought she would change all the things I liked so much about her, but she didn’t. Instead, her contract didn’t last very long. I asked her about the details of what happened with Digital Playground, and from the pictures she sent and her answer, it’s easy to see she’s not allowed to talk about it. But she talks about other things like sex and tattooing. So read on and enjoy…


1. You had a contract that didn’t last long with Digital Playground, can you give us your side of the story?

Adrenalynn-On the contract…

On how I feel about “it all”. My words just didn’t do the trick. So I had to quote some lyrics from Cypress Hill’s “Rock Superstar”

Alot of a…sharks out there…try’na take a bite of somethin’
What’s hot
Lot of chameleons out there…try’na change up
Anytime somethin’ new comes along…everybody wants a bite
Don’t happen overnight

[Sen Dog talking]
People see rockstars, younawhaI’msayin?
But you still…try’na…get out more like, like everybody else
It’s a fun job, but it’s still a job
Save your money man, save your money too
It’s single don’t last very long, younawhaI’msayin?
I mean…you’re lucky in this game too
There’s gon’ be another cat comin’ out
Lookin’ like me, soundin’ like me, next year I know this
They’ll be a flipside, do whatchu you do
Somebody’ll try to spin off like some series

2. What are you up to now? Promo yourself, your site, your movies coming out etc…

Adrenalynn-I am working on a lot of you guessed it …top secret creative projects. Some of them have several artists involved but things are starting to move along with all of the projects and I’m really pleased to have an outlet for my ‘artsy fartsyness’. But I’m mostly just excited to eventually get to share em with whoever the fuck wants to see them.

 I’ve really been focusing my energy on my tattooing. I’ve got so many new fans who want art from me. I just feel that I owe it to them to kinda warm up again and take my work to the next level. (got a lil tied up in LaLa land and didn’t get to tattoo as much at one of the only all custom tattoo studio’s my Husband and I tattoo at on Hollywood Boulevard)  But I have been working on portraits and a few other different styles. Also I’ve been having so much fun using the first pneumatic powered tattoo machines :] The latest kinkiest tattoo I’ve been working on is of this tribal design from a guys pubes all the down to the head of penis and wrapping around the sides. It has one more session and so far all of them have had the ups and downs.

 If any one reading this, is wanting to see me fuck, write the company that you want to see shoot me, tell em what you wanna see. If you can’t wait on that, then donate to the see more Adrenalynn Fund and I’ll put my new found internet skills to work :]
[ more information can be found here:

3. Ok, my readers want a  bit of sex, lol, what do you want to tell us?

Adrenalynn-Sex is rad. I guess not shooting the past month or two has been great. I’ve gotten to have some real sex. Had my first woman orgasm [ I’ll be blogging about that on Adrenalynn’s Bloggation Location soon] I’ve just been doing things I’ve never ever done. Like every few months growing a nicely trimmed quaff on the pink. Yup, I’m a grown ass woman and these are some of the first times I’ve ever had pubic hair. It just makes me feel really womanly, and in return it makes me feel like super sexual. Once you’ve gotten some bush for yourself then when you shave the contrast is so RAD.

And I encourage more adult talent that if they want tattoos to get them. And not to get small random ones due to being told so much not to have tattoos. I dunno if that is the case, perhaps an assumption because I see it so much with the general public. But I endorse more quality tattoos and great large and small breasts. But I am also biased, being part of several studios one of which my husband and I own [Psycho Clown Tattoo].

a) What is the wildest sex you ever had?
Adrenalynn-Really the level of wildness is relative, and I’ve noticed a lot of my sexual encounter stories throw some people off. But at this particular moment one comes to mind that I had with this tattooed up chick. At the time I didn’t have but a handful of tattoos…and she was covered in bright tattoos and had H U G E bewbs. I’m pretty petite, but this chick was short in stature like 4 foot 9. (painting the picture) We ended up going on a date with my guy to the races [how very Texas], but we did it in style. Box, free food, and W I N E in the Texas heat. Long story short we end up fuckin’ in the dually on the way back home. Roll down the tinted windows for 18 wheelers to see on the way. Make it home have some interesting sex, then when its all been done with and we hanging out she is like naked got the T.V. remote is hovered over the toilet in a prayer like position and says. . . “put your fingers down my throat”

Needless to say I couldn’t resist and did it. Took photos but they are from the personal collection far before movies adult in nature crossed my mind.

b) Where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?

Adrenalynn-I haven’t had sex in too many weird places except for movies. Maybe its something that comes with the territory when you are really bendy and there are so many possibilities in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or visible patio in Redondo beach. (That’s where I used to go to relax from Texas before the big move, and traveling to and fro) On my list of things to do- have some fun place sex and document it. . . with a lil help from here.

c) What are the most people you ever had sex with at the same time and where and why?

Adrenalynn-Really i guess 9. Does on a porn set count? In “real life” I guess 3 is as high a number as I have gotten to at once. Cause sometimes there are places one person cant lick and fuck at the same time. “Sometimes it takes three to DP”

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