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Adria Rae Serves In New Girlsway Scene

It’s love-set-match for Girlsway’s reigning Girl of the Month Adria Rae and Judy Jolie as they take to the tennis courts in Girlsway’s latest WebYoung scene, The Tennis Tutor, available at

“I have this tennis thing going on and I don’t know how to play tennis,” says Judy to Adria as they chat on the phone. “I was hoping you do.” Adria lights up: “Yeah, totally!” she fibs. “I’ve been playing for a while now!”

It doesn’t take long before Adria’s little white lie is found out, but it doesn’t matter: “I kind of, like… have a crush on you,” admits Judy. “That’s why I asked if you could teach me how to play tennis!”

The Tennis Tutor is a Member Fantasy scene, directed by Stills by Alan and produced by Bree Mills, who personally handpicked an inspired story submission from member METALHEAD42.

“I think we’ve all stretched the truth about a skill or talent to impress someone we liked, so this is a universal story we can all relate to,” said Mills of the scene’s lighthearted scenario. “In this scene, you can see Adria and Judy smiling and laughing the whole time… their happy vibe lasted all day on the set!”

The full scene and trailer can be seen at Learn more about The Tennis Tutor stars Adria Rae and Judy Jolie at their official Girlsway model pages.

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