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Adrianna Luna Exclusive Interview

Adrianna Luna

Interview by Greg Chapman

Pics from Boobaholics Anonymous 7  Jules Jordan Video

After seeing Adrianna Luna fuck up a storm in several recent gonzo dvds, I got curious and so the following interview was the result of my inquisitive nature. Started it out on Skype, but after some technical difficulties we decided to do the old fashioned e-mail me the questions thing.  May have to do a follow up chat with Adrianna on  Muay Thai kickboxing and more in the near future. Enjoy!

Q: When & why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Adrianna: I got into it on a whim from a suggestion of one of my girlfriends. I was in a job at the time that I wasn’t passionate about and felt like I was getting stuck because it was safe.  I was given the name of my agent Roxy at Metro Talent Management, who I met with and ended up signing with.

Q: Did you see much porn before?

Adrianna: I never sat through a full scene or really watched any porn until the night before my first scene. My girlfriend suggested that I watch a few scenes so that I know what to expect, get some ideas, and know what I’m getting into. I don’t remember who was in the scene I watched. She gave me the names of a few free sites and I just clicked on the first links.

Q: When did you shoot your first scene?

Adrianna: I shot my first scene in March of last year (2011). The scene was for New Sensations and was a boy/girl with Danny Mountain.

Q: Was it what you expected? Did you know what you were getting yourself into?

Adrianna: I had a small idea of what I was getting into from watching porn the night before, but it turned out to be a better experience than I had imagined.

Q: How many scenes have you done?

Adrianna: I ‘m guessing I’ve done 80-100 scenes

Q: Whom do you like to working with?

Adrianna: I’ve never had a bad experience on set and would work with everyone I’ve shot with again. In regards to companies, I love working with Penthouse because they have an amazing crew and I’ve made good friends with a lot of the people there. In regards to talent, my two favorites to work with are Derrick Pierce and Mr. Marcus.

Q: Do you think porn exploits women?

Adrianna:  I think some people may see it that way, but I always feel very respected and valued on set.

Q: What has been your been your best experience thus far?

Adrianna: My best experience has been getting to meet all my fans at AVN week in Vegas.

Q: I’ve been sets and have seen how it’s shot. Is the sex ever good or is it just a job?

Adrianna: Sometimes it’s work. It’s not always a holiday, but for me for the most part I really enjoy the sex. I’m getting off and having a great time!

Q: What do/don’t you like about porn?

Adrianna: I love the sex, don’t like it when the other person isn’t into it.

Q: Have you ever watched any of your scenes?

Adrianna: I’ve watched some of my scenes, but view it in a more technical way than sexual way. I get so focused on how my body or face looks in certain positions.

Q: Are you bisexual?

Adrianna: Yes

Q: What is your favorite position?

Adrianna: Doggie

Q: How sexually active are you in you personal life?

Adrianna: It’s not as spicy as my sex on camera… LOL! I find that when I’m really busy working my personal sex life gets put on the back burner.

Q: Does doing porn increase your desire for sex or decrease it?
Adrianna: Increase

Q: Does your family know you do porn? If so, are they cool with it?

Adrianna: Some family members know but not all. The ones that know are totally cool with it and accept me for who I am ?

Q: So you are really into cross training and fitness. Please explain.

Adrianna: At the moment I’m really into CrossFit. I can’t get enough of it and just did my first competition last weekend! Overall I’ve always been into fitness. it’s a passion of mine.

Q: How does porn fit into your training?

Adrianna: It helps that I’m into working out because it keeps me fit. I do have to be careful though with not getting my body too bruised up.

Q: How did you get into MMA?

Adrianna: I got into MMA initially for fitness. I started doing muay Thai kickboxing about 6 years ago. I’ve had 4 fights and hold a record of 3-1. I started transitioning into MMA late last year because my coach and I had decided there were a lot more opportunities for growth for women in MMA vs. Muay Thai.

Q: What is your fave fighting style?

Adrianna: Muay Thai.

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