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ADT’s Captain Jack Obsessed with Underage Sex

whitney wright

This is something that’s bothered me for sometime now. And before I start, I get that lots of porn fans are sexual deviants and teen/underage porn is a big thing. If it wasn’t, 18 year girls with pigtails and braces wouldn’t be in the industry, much less top girls on the tubes.

misha cross

It’s one thing to interview a girl, and randomly ask one about when they lost their virginity. Captain Jack takes it to a whole other level. Not only does he ask the majority of girls he interviews when they lost it, but he takes it further and wants the details, and if that’s not enough, he wants to hear if they went crazy fucking everyone in sight. He basically wants to hear about 14/15 years old girls fucking like they have 6 months to left to live. No one is that into those types questions without deriving some sort of pleasure from it.

I get it, we all want traffic, but to what limit? Promoting underage sex routinely isn’t something to be proud of. Unless you’re Homer Garren.

One day, like Homer, Captain Jack will probably have to stay at least 1000 feet away from both schools and Chuck E Cheese.

There are a couple of people that have asked him to remove references to teen sex in client interviews, and he either refuses, or tries to punish them with threats of not interviewing the girl any more, or not dealing with their clients at all. Which goes to show you how important a 14 year girl fucking someone is to him.

captain jack

You would think the fine people at ADT and Hot Movies would simply tell him enough with the child sex questions. Find another way to get off.

But hey, who am I to judge what turns Captain Jack on? After all, someone is out there buying Vinnie O’ Neill videos, allegedly.

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