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Adult DVD Talk Refers to Alexis Tae as “Some Chick” 114 Times @TheAdultDVDTalk

Porn blogs, News sites, whatever you wanna call them, are broken down into 2 groups. There are the ugly dudes who wanna bang porn chicks, and then there is TRPWL and AVN.

AVN holds the distinction of caring, and TRPWL, well, we are just a bunch of immature guys trying to make people laugh. And I’m ok with that.

ADT’s Captain Jack is one of these guys who thinks he’s someone, uses his position at ADT to try and get laid, and when it doesn’t work out, he resorts to things like to referring to Alexis Tae as “Some Chick.”

Dear Captain Jack, you didn’t change it fast enough. We already capped it.

Alexis Tae, the Spiegler Girl with 382 credits and 32 Award Nominations is, according to ADT, “Some Chick.”

Why? Because she didn’t kiss Capt Jack’s ass? Who the fuck is Captain Jack? Nobody..Some fucking loser, obsessed with underage porn, who writes copy and paste interviews wanting to know who sucked dick at 12 years old. All in the hopes of getting his own dick sucked at AVN.

Reminds me of this guy who used to own a lesser blog. He thought he was someone until he wrote one too many lies, got sued, then had to give away his name and likeness.

Now that guy just reminisces about his Bukkake shoots while riding his scooter down to the SSA to grab his 250 dollar check each month. That’s you Jack.

It would not surprise me in the least if you regularly walk into strip clubs and tell people who you “are.” “Yea, I’m that Captain Jack.” Bitch Please.

So ADT, allows this guy to do whatever he pleases, including disrespect a Speigler girl, all the while taking the free meal Mark offers up at AVN for ADT every year. Or at least until Covid happened.

Mark encourages his girls to participate in ADT threads, and this is how you repay him?  I could understand if she was out playing with FIDO, hanging at the House of Cocaine with Jessy and the boys, or participating in poop orgies. But Alexis’s only “transgression” is she didn’t like you call calling her Latina.

You guys owe her a fucking apology.

Update: Sometime after the weekends hijinx, they changed her name back.

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