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Adult Industy News Breaks Story that gets Town Manager Fired!

NL-Congrads to Steve Nelson over at AIN for breaking this story. It was the lead story on the five o’clock news in the Fort Myers area.               Of course I don’t agree with the guy getting fired because his wife is a “distraction”. She would be just as much of a distraction if she was a model, but he wouldn’t of gotten fired.


Porn star wife gets Town Manager hubby fired    Manager Scott Janke’s wife is porn star


By Nick Spinetto, WINK News

Fort Myers Beach council has fired town manager Scott Janke.

Adult Industry News published a story last week about Janke and his wife Anabela. Anabela is also known as Jezella Moore, a well known porn star. Fort Myers Beach Mayor Larry Kiker confirmed Janke’s wife was in the adult entertainment industry and called a special meeting of the town council.

At this meeting, held Monday night, the council voted 5-0 to fire Janke. Janke’s contract has a clause which allows him to be fired without cause. He is receiving a six months severance package. The mayor says Janke was considered to be doing a good job.

The council was concerned this would create credibility problems and ultimately become too much of a distraction for Janke to effectively do his job.

They said this was the real reason he was let go.

Mayor Kiker also said it wasn’t the council’s job to pass judgment.

WINK News talked to Scott Janke on the phone.

He didn’t want to comment.

As for the credibility issue, tourists we talked with were divided.

Some thought it was inappropriate and would be a distraction.

Other said it doesn’t matter what the Town Manager does behind closed doors.

On Tuesday night, Fort Myers Beach Council members will meet to discuss who should be the interim town manager.

Trust us to let you know what happens next.

NL-Steve Nelson who researched and wrote the story let me use it also.

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