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Adult Outlet and US Arcades Partner Up

US Arcades has announced a partnership with the retail chain Adult Outlet, with nine of their current stores currently running the updated US Arcades-Live Cam platform.

The most recent Adult Outlet location to instate the new US Arcades system is in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with the remaining stores in Florida, Maryland, and New York.

As one of the first adult shops in the United States, Adult Outlet has been in business for over five decades. The long-standing stores are currently helmed by recent AVN Hall of Fame inductee, CEO Ed Braunstein. His father Bernie, a trailblazer, opened doors as a magazine distributor in 1964.

“Allowing US Arcades into my stores has been a total formula for success, states Braunstein. “Not only do my arcades have top-quality modern equipment, but the expansive content selection keeps my customers satisfied every week.”

He continued, “no more keeping up with tech issues; those are taken care of by US Arcades’ courteous and prompt support division. My staff now has the time to concentrate on merchandising and customer service. I highly recommend their system.”

US Arcades’ video content system introduces new and improved technology for adult video arcade retailers, allowing content from the industry’s most notable production studios to run seamlessly. Existing studios to partner with US Arcades include Devil’s Films, Gamma Entertainment, Grooby Productions, and Falcon Studios.

US Arcades Owner David Joseph states, “I am grateful for this opportunity to partner with Ed Braunstein and Adult Outlet, given his history and long-standing success in the adult retail business.” He continued, “to have such a highly-admired figure in the industry commit to this partnership makes us proud of the work and dedication we have put into our platform.”

“Knowing that Ed is confident in our vision confirms that US Arcades offers something special for arcade retailers. Our system will assuredly bolster revenue, and create a unique consumer experience. We very much look forward to delivering on his commitment.”

The Adult Outlet stores are among 36 existing retail locations who run the US Arcades updated system. 40 additional retail locations are slated to update their systems throughout 2019. A map of all updated US Arcades locations can be found here.

Adult Outlet can be found online, with a current list of all locations here.

For more information, contact Lewis Adams at (818) 888-8738 or [email protected].

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