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Adult Product Placement- Adam & Eve in Music Video

NL-Adam & Eve continues to be cutting edge in marketing with the placement of their product in this video. Bree Olson & Adam & Eve branded product star in new music video.

Bree Olson is  in the just-released Flo Rida music video “Zoosk Girl,” featuring T Pain. Bree dances, sucks on a lollypop and looks adorable. She is the only blonde in the video, so she is easy to notice.

The video can be watched in its entirety at:

“It was an amazing experience being a ‘Zoosk Girl,’ and I am a huge fan of both  T Pain and Flo Rida,” says Bree. “So when Adam & Eve set this up, I jumped at  the chance to be involved.”

With already over 225,000 views on youtube, the video also features the “Zoosk  Girls” surrounded with various Adam & Eve products including cologne and massage oils.

Adam & Eve has long been involved with strategic product placement in mainstream  media. Along with former contract star Carmen Luvana’s strategically placed  poster in “The Sopranos,” Adam & Eve has also secured former contract star  Kayden Kross’ involvement on “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels,” and arranged the  inclusion of both the logo and private label products in numerous independent  and mainstream films.

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