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Adult Star Profits Responds

To: Luke is Back Management Team

Recently 2257 Media: has experienced delays in the monthly revenue share split with all partner/model payouts. Payments are to be issued each month per the partnership agreement entered between 2257 Media and our respective performers based on the website’s performance on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, one of our payment processor has identified unusually high charge backs across the 2257 Media pay site portfolio and has exercised a review on our account and temporarily withheld payments to 2257 Media. More specifically, this issue derives from the vast majority of model / performers who are not actively being involved in their websites, and not interacting with their paid members. Unsatisfied customers are directly correlated to the charge backs and credits that have created this problem. Thus, with an increase of fraudulent transactions, collectively between ASP and all our processors we have identified the problem and has now been resolved in its entirety.

To resolve this challenge, we have provided the required information to our payment processor for their review and have made necessary adjustments to our credit card processing strategy to ensure that this does not happen again. Along with ongoing performer training and development protocols (that are already in place) for all ASP models to enhance their website member’s experience, our account has remained active to maintain payment processing. Yet the previous funds will not be issued until the new year per the terms set by the payment processor. In turn, we have notified all partners who have been affected accordingly describing our specific solution to resolve this isolated event. With the current holiday season approaching the beginning of 2010, we anticipate no further challenges or delays.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences to all our partners and we are more than confident this is an isolated event. 2010 is an exciting year for our team and operations remain active now and will continue into the new year as planned and expected.


A. Lazarito
2257 Media Inc:

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