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Adultcon Photos?

Click here. King writes on XPT: “Evan Stone in a tiger shirt, Jack Lawrence with a guy holding a dildo in his pants and this guy…what more could you ask for?”

Holly Randall posts on XPT: “I didn’t teach Luke anything about photography– doesn’t it show?”

Joe writes:

And thank god for that. You are a better photographer than her.

Be proud of these photos Luke and keep on with your work! You are far better than any pornographer.

Pic of Wit Maverick, Veronique Vega on March 8, 2007 Pic of Amira on March 27, 2007 Pic of Abbey Brooks, Sierra Sinn on December 16, 2006 Pic Pic of Pebbles, March 20, 2007 Luscious Lopez on December 12, 2006

Sept. 23, 2006: Jasmine Byrne and friend Tamara Joy smokes Mika Tan Amber Rayne

May 12, 2006: Asia, David Clark David Clark, Asia Asia

Duck Hunt posts on XPT:

Why even bother going to LIB. Just come to XPT. More meltdowns, knife fights, reality slapping of the whores and an occasional chat.Besides the only reason to go to Luke’s is for the bad camera work contrasted with the amazing Randall stalking skills.

Calvin writes on XPT:

It seems as if Luke has mastered the art of Internet v2.0. Rather than spend time developing your own content, you just link to/copy content from other sites, then add a section for comments.Eventually, noone will ever have to develop an original thought ever again! We can all just bloviate about someone else’s ideas from the days before Internet 2.0.

Plus knife fights and dick-measuring contests, of course.

I publish a lot of stories I have no interest in, but I have to keep the blogging moving, so that one day I can do stories I am interested in… Weeks will go by and none of my stories on lukeisback will be of much significance, but that site enables me to do other stories that I am interested in.

Maybe 1 out of 20 stories on lukeisback interest me and about one out of four on

Stories interest me when they either surprise me or confirm one of my deeply held prejudices (Jim Jones adds: like blacks
and Mexicans being a drain on this ¬†country, or Australian aborigines being savages, or cane toads — caneys, I call them–being the perfect creatures to ¬†stuff into my snug-fitting knickers).

I remember working at the radio stations KAHI/KHYL and only about one in five, one in ten stories interested me. I remember covering the San Francisco 49ers and Sacramento Kings for those stations and only a minority of those stories were interesting. (The following comes from Jim Jones in my voice: Basically, the ones where the players cornered me in the locker room, stripped me down to my knickers, beat me senseless and repeatedly raped me much like my early
experiences with those naughty wallabies, those
golf-ball sized sacs of poison you know as blue-ringed
octopi, and the vaginally-shaped box jellyfish. So it is not like I hate all porn stories and love mainstream stories. A good story is a good story wherever it is found. Especially if it ends with me looking ridiculous. Ridiculously gay. Because I’m an attention-craving douchebag.)

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