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I see new DVDs for $8 on there. How does that work?

Mallcom is a major player on Marketplace. Mallcom has several names they use, complete with different listed ship-from states. It’s guys like Mallcom that can get a very low price because of volume. I think it’s more blowouts than bootlegs. Mallcom is among the biggest customers in the business at this point, so they often get great pricing… and instead of marking it up for a big profit, they take a small profit and undercut their competition

I’m checking out, based in Marina Del Rey and owned by Jack Taniguchi. They seem to bypass the wholesalers and get the new titles at below wholesale prices. How?

They accept online orders at They also sell DVDs at for a cheaper price than their website. They sell all of Fifth Element titles at for $4.95 to $6.95, while they sell the same titles at for as low as $2.49. They sell most of Red Light District titles for as low as $10.95; Gang Bang Vol. 5 -two DVD box set is now $11.95 at there. It was cheaper a few days ago, since thier prices are changing on a daily basis. I don’t know why. The other suspicious dealers on are QUICKFLICKS_DVD and eroticdesire.

Fifth Element (distributor owned by Ari Ovadia and his sons, including Ari) titles get wholesaled for about $8 each (when they are new) and yet they sell on for about $5 each. How?

So perhaps Taniguchi is selling used DVDs. But if you buy one of them they are factory shrink-wrapped. They are brand new.

GangBang 5 starring Sasha Grey from Red Light District sells brand new for $5 on while Red Light sells it for $10.

Red Light is notorious for “blowout” pricing when they feel like it. That is one of the major gripes of the director/producers who left.

I’m wondering if the distributor or replicator is doing something shady behind the producer’s back?

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