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AdultEmpireCash Launches New Reporting Features & Affiliate Tools, the affiliate network for AdultEmpire as well as a growing range of membership sites, has announced the official rollout of new reporting and affiliate tools. The reports are displayed in a fully responsive interface that shows information in real time, to the previous day. This easy-to-use, easy-to-access system facilitates fast, streamlined management and evaluation of current campaigns.

“The new reporting features we have implemented are the result of feedback we’ve received from our partners over the last few years,” said Daniel Chura, director of Affiliates and Web Development at “The new features will benefit both our studio partners and affiliate partners, and be an invaluable asset for those partners who participate in our suite of programs.”unnamed

Partners can access their reporting across each different entity in the system, segment to individual assets, and see their full history. In addition, studios that are participating in Adult Empire’s Unlimited program can now easily monitor how much of their content is being viewed by members on a daily basis. The company also introduced an algorithm that estimates end-of-month revenue based on sales trends. “This update is particularly helpful to our studio partners, who no longer need to wait to see how their VOD content has been performing,” new VOD Account Manager Ryan Wayne said. In the coming months, AdultEmpireCash intends to roll out further features, including more granular transactional and behavior data.

New affiliate tools introduced alongside the reports will provide additional means for partners to increase traffic and revenue. “Video trailer iFrames, boxcover iFrames and search tools have been created and are ready for use,” Chura said. “We are excited for these changes and think our partners will be too! We encourage our partners to provide us feedback, so we can continue to improve our tools.”  The reporting and tools were slowly rolled out beginning in early October and should now be available to all partners.

Studios or affiliates that are not a part of the AdultEmpireCash network can get started in the program by filling out a short questionnaire. An account manager will contact you by the end of the next business day.

AdultEmpireCash is a full-service monetization and development company for studios, performers and affiliates. Monetize your content or traffic on our award-winning on demand and retail websites, including,, and  Join or promote our growing network of membership sites,,,,, and , with more sites coming soon!

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