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Advice for Oren and Guy from Anarchy

Conky writes on XPT:

Why not throw yourselves down some stairs and break a few bones? Or why not tie each other to the backs of your cars and go for a drag? Make sure you get lots of cuts and bruises, take a few photos to document it.

Yeah, I know. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But then so does openly threatening someone on a porn gossip website:

“Justin Syder to Anarchy: “we’ll settle our dispute face to face one day soon”

–on the web

> Justin Syder writes: This whole thing is getting pretty childish. Anarchy only gives validity to my accusations by responding so much to my original post.

Trying to find a fall guy in John West who has absolutely nothing to do with the reason I put this story out. Leave the guy alone already. Just own up to the fact your company fucks around with people right and left. I know of at least 2 other big companies that despise your way of business and have been getting countless E mails from friends in support of what I said about you.

A cup of coffee? a free checking account? C’mon Guy…we both know your fuckin makin shit up. You’d never spend money on coffee cuz it would take out of your fix fund. I didn’t want to deposit any of your checks into either of my 2 accounts cuz your bank told me they were no good on both occasions I called to verify funds.

If I was making these accusations on any other company who does regular work in this industry you think they would even give a shit enough to respond? NO…just proves my point. Leave it alone already…you know we’ll settle our dispute face to face one day soon…Don’t look forward to it either…gonna be a dark day for you and your Mama’s boy brother…count on it.”

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