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AEE Report from Tony Batman

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The Screaming O and Free Audio XXX Orgasm Contest on the Fyre TV Stage drew the biggest crowd of the Expo in our estimation.

Las Vegas/ A Entertainment News- The stage was filled with the show pole dancers from the Las Vegas Sapphires Gentlemen’s club. The emcees for the stage who are also rappers are ready to turn the microphone over and I am standing back stage with Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Aurora Snow and a box of cock rings. How many times can someone say that in a sentence?

We have done this Screaming O “Orgasm Contest” all over the world in the past couple of years and its is a hit every time. The newest part of the show is the “Go Down , Ho Down, Throw Down” this is the part where the contestants from the crowd suck on a hard penis with as much love and enthusiasm as they can show. This is the part of the show that people talk about all over the internet and with co workers at the water coolers on Mondays.

The show at the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo in the Sands Convention center was the first time we had a co sponsor of orgasms on stage and I can’t think of a better company than Free Audio XXX. The company records audio orgasms and then you can call at any time to hear the sex on your cell phone, wherever you are. Free Audio XXX was giving away a thousand dollars to the audio orgasm that got the most votes. Their spokesperson is the incredibly sexy Aurora Snow and if you have ever been next to this future hall of fame porn star you already know that you can feel the sexy coming off of her. If you have never met her before, I am sure you have seen her do her thing in the movies.

Our normal co hosting crew of Nikki Benz and myself took the stage, I introduced Aurora and after she explained the audio orgasm contest she gave the crowd a huge treat by showing off her audio skills on the microphone. It was sexy and we all go horny just listening to her.

Then it was time for Benz and me to make the crowd go crazy, for some reason once we start giving out T shirts, sex tows and nude pictures of Nikki the people in the crowd gos nuts, and they expand like wild, and I think they really love winning those A Entertainment T-Shirts, Well I can dream they like them, Right?

I will have to say that the Screaming O show on the Fyre TV stage was the biggest crowd drawing event of the convention. It was packed, the rows around the stage were at a standstill, and the crowd went two to three booth rows deep. Let’s just say we stopped traffic for 30 minuets and if you were in Sands convention center you were watching our stage show, weather you meant to or not.

The orgasm contest was damn good and we had some great contestants, the girls from save a clitoris did a great job moaning in their English accents for the crowd, yes there is a need for a company to help save the clitoris. We also had two starlets from the crowd who made you just want to jump on top of them after hearing their dirty talk and sexy moaning.  After some tuff competition and the crowd going wild for the audio and visual orgasms, our winner for the 2009 AEE show orgasm winner was none other than Ashli Orion. This girl had the energy of a jack rabbit. Even after the show she kept it going on and on and on, I think I love her now.

It was time for the candy dick sucking, ho down, throw down, go down competition. The last two conventions had Amber Rayne and Heidi Mayne suck out the prizes and titles of best public candy cock sucker of the show.  The 2009 AEE contest was so hot and so good for a few reasons.

We had so many different types of girls on stage for it. A non industry girl from the crowd, a dancer from Sapphires, a brand new porn girl and an experienced porn star.

After some of the sloppiest Blow jobs I have seen in a long time, saliva and spit all over the stage, we had to crown our new champion. The winner gets chosen by the roar of the crowd and it was pretty loud for the girls but Nikki Benz and I could not decide on a clear winner so we had to have a suck off where we narrowed it down to the top 3 blowing girls. I will tell you one thing for sure, the dancer from Sapphires knew how to suck dick, and she was very sexy with her oral skills. I know what you thinking, strip club, VIP room, awesome dick sucking dancer, does that all mix in some way? According to the young lady and Chris Rock, there is still no sex in the Champagne room. Believe it if you want, Ill reserve my opinion for the better good of the clubs. Our eventual winner and new blow job champion, (until the next convention) is the orally talented porn star Brooke Belle. Trust me she deserved the title.

It was an honor to be a  part of the biggest crowd drawing show during the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, thank you to the people at the Screaming O, Free Audio XXX, Fyre TV, and My co hosts Nikki Benz and Aurora Snow.

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