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afterglow Launches ‘Eduporn’ Series to Elevate the Adult Entertainment Experience


(Austin, TX / November 10, 2021) — afterglow (, the women-led erotica entertainment brand that produces brilliantly bold ethical films for discerning viewers, announces the debut of its all-star ‘Eduporn’ series.

Launching November 10, the new reality-based platform will kick off with “How to Have Sex Outdoors” featuring SparksGoWild, which will be released alongside the “Outdoor Sex Survival Guide”. Ela Darling will then take center stage November 24 with ‘Orgasm Synergy’.

Each of the stars’ showcase clips aim to offer fans an intimate look inside their sensual worlds, featuring a savory mix of action and explanation through personal interviews and crackling erotic performances.

“With ‘Eduporn’, we are celebrating the art of porn for pleasure while shining a spotlight on the industry’s most popular performers/sex educators and letting them teach us a thing or two,” said afterglow Founder/CEO Lilly Sparks.

“Our purpose is to both entertain and inform in a fun, sexy and relatable way. The videos are intended to turn the audience on while showing them something they can try themselves. afterglow intends to meet the audience no matter where they are on their journey to discovering pleasure.”

Amateur erotic adventurers will enjoy a variety of topics with a solid handle on the basics, while more advanced viewers will appreciate the addition of more spicy bits, with a key emphasis on audience relatability to show the viewer that they too can delight in these explorations as well.

“Our current focus with ‘Eduporn’ is to aid women in their ongoing quest to understand what pleasure means to them,” added Sparks. “The common refrain is that porn is meant for fantasy and not for education. At afterglow, we’re flipping that script and making porn that can be both hot and educational.”

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