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afterglow Offers Sweet Relief for Tension-Related Aches & Pains


(Austin, TX) – “afterglow cured my headaches!”

Nine months after launching, afterglow is winning raves for its smoldering feature films and sex-positive entertainment site that prioritize women’s pleasure. But based on fan mail and social buzz, the premium erotica entertainment brand is more than just a fun place to play; it’s also good for your health!

“The orgasms I get from afterglow are great for curing my headaches and menstrual cramps,” says Jennifer, 26, from Michigan.

“When I’m using afterglow, it’s much easier to get out of my head and just feel into my body; I’m working through sexual trauma and being told by society that being sexual wasn’t OK. afterglow really allows me to get in the zone and feel more relaxed,” says Victoria, 30, from California.

Users say that openly exploring their sexuality just FEELS better with afterglow.

“I feel not just safe but encouraged and celebrated…this is so rare when it comes to sex and erotic videos,” says Linda, 40, from Texas.

“I didn’t think I liked porn until I watched afterglow! Now I have a go-to place to get in the mood,” says Keisha, 24, from the UK.

Ready to jump into your next big adventure? The afterglow adult network – a tantalizing online mix of erotic original films, articles, essays & how-to guides – inspires its members to openly engage and explore their most intimate desires – with new membership starting at only $10 a month. To learn more, visit!

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