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afterglow Presents Empowering Panel Hosted by Kassi Underwood


(Austin, TX / March 1, 2022) — Women-led erotica community afterglow ( welcomes author, activist and spiritual teacher Kassi Underwood to host an empowering online event, ‘Destroy Your Reputation: Be Free of What Other People Think’, on March 1 at 4pm (PT) / 7pm (ET).

In this unconventional meditation experience, Underwood will guide participants through how, without defensiveness or a chip on your shoulder, you can stop worrying about other people and their reactions. Participants will be empowered to step into the energy of true self-expression and learn how to enjoy the natural high of being loved for who you really are.

Underwood will discuss the innate human desire to be unapologetically self-expressed in a judgmental world, and explain why it’s totally normal to want to be loved and adored because society conditions us to behave in ways that gain approval.

“Worrying about what other people think holds us back from being fully self-expressed and feeling truly loved for who we are,” says Kassi Underwood, “All the pleasure we seek is on the other side of destroying our reputations. I am so honored to partner with afterglow, the best ethical porn site on the planet and the pleasure of authenticity, incarnate!”

“Kassi’s work to help people release their conditioning and embrace their true desires is directly in line with what we encourage our afterglow community to do when it comes to pleasure,” says Lilly Sparks, founder and CEO of afterglow. “Everyone’s individual wants and needs are different, and can change from day to day. We want people to take the time to explore what those needs are and bring them to life, because everybody deserves to be the main character.”

To RSVP for the event, go to: learn more about afterglow, please visit

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