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afterglow Slams Louisiana’s Censorship Bill, Offers FREE Trial to Locals


Porn Ban on Campus? afterglow Slams Louisiana’s Censorship Bill, Offers FREE Trial to Locals

(Austin, TX / March 10, 2022) — Popular women-led erotica brand afterglow is offering a FREE 30-day trial membership to to those in danger of a forced state ban on sexual content from the campuses of Louisiana’s public universities.

In response to the newly-filed Senate Bill 131, which specifically censors pornography and sexually explicit content on the computers, phones and tablets of every student, professor and staff member connected to the universities’ WIFI network or internet service, afterglow Founder/CEO Lilly Sparks says the company’s trial membership offer is a defiant middle finger to government overreach.

“Get your fill on ethical porn while you still can! College students are overwhelmingly adults who work hard for their education. They deserve to take a break. Orgasms are a scientifically proven way to destress, and afterglow’s erotic videos have been known to lead to orgasms. The government shouldn’t be regulating how people want to experience pleasure – it’s a First Amendment right,” says Lilly Sparks, founder and CEO of afterglow. “Adults don’t need other adults acting as ‘parents’ to block their access to adult content, especially since that content is perfectly legal,” she explains.

afterglow is part of an emerging movement of ethical filmmakers and online communities that are changing the face of adult entertainment by promoting sexual empowerment, diversity, education and wellness

This complimentary 30-day trial offer is available to those 18 & over at Louisiana public universities by using the code PORNEAUX.

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