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afterglow Spotlights Sex-Ed with ‘Eduporn’ Instructional Series


(Austin, TX / April 27, 2022) — With the belief that porn can be healthy and educational, afterglow (, a tastefully curated erotic wellness platform consisting of sexy films, exercises and articles, introduces the launch of Eduporn, a series of videos that create positive educational experiences for those looking to expand their sensual horizons.

The platform has produced five titles to start off the series, featuring helpful tips and tools for the sexually curious: ‘How to Give a Sensual Massage’ starring Daisy Ducati, ‘How to Have Sex Outdoors’ starring Stacy & Shane of SparksGoWild, ‘How to Hook Up’ starring Mickey Mod and Vanessa Vega, and ‘How to Squirt’ & ‘Orgasm Synergy’, starring Ela Darling.

When we want to learn about topics other than sex, there’s a wealth of resources showing, describing, explaining how to do that thing. Why should sex be different? Classroom sex-ed is often limited to prevention of disease and pregnancy, and there is nowhere to learn how to have good, pleasurable sex.

Sex is supposed to be fun. It’s no surprise that 80% of people watch the one resource that actually shows people having sex – porn. Let’s face it, porn is generally our very first form of sex-ed, and there are an abundance of free options just a few keystrokes away. It’s time to acknowledge that porn can be used to model, and teach, important lessons about consent, pleasure, and even anatomy,

“Porn can be used as an educational tool in many ways and for many ages. Many adults watch porn because they want to explore their sexual boundaries. Curious about group sex dynamics? Watch a porn. Not sure if you are pleasing  your partner orally? Watch a porn. Most of us at one time or another have sought out porn to learn, or be inspired by, the acts portrayed. So afterglow decided to combine sex ed and porn explicitly by collaborating with creators to make realistic and sexy erotic films. Films you can watch with your partner, or solo, to help you learn more about what brings you pleasure.”

Sparks’ efforts in building afterglow came from the desire to learn how to not only improve sexual interactions, but to elevate the experience itself by crafting quality films and exercises that emphasize arousal in inclusive and positive ways.To learn more about afterglow, please visit

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