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Agent Kevin Kline Leaves LA Direct

Back in November of last year I had written about an alleged FBI investigation of Direct Models, stemming from information Michelle Braun (Nici of the former had provided. Around that time, there was a good deal of conjecture from both porn insiders and Direct’s girls regarding what was going on behind the scenes. One smoking gun was the fact that Kevin Kline, one of the agents at Direct Models and husband of Kelly Kline, had left Los Angeles and was allegedly laying low in North Carolina. I was told by a few sources that Kevin had quit the agency, and maybe even the adult industry.

Kevin ended up returning to Direct Models in January and most of these rumors about the FBI investigation died down. None of my leads went anywhere.

Yesterday and today I was told by several porn insiders that Kevin is no longer at Direct Models and has quit the agency. I sent an email to Derek Hay yesterday asking for comment, but received no reply.

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