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Agents and their Pimp Hands

Donny Long emails:

I tell you what I have no clue how agents do the things they do and put up with the things they put up with from these back stabbing flaky whores and make any money. I take my hat off to any agent that tries to manger girls and make money doing it!!!!!!! I have not been doing it for the money but would be nice to recover sometimes what you invest like aim testing time and so on. I think my problem is I am too much of a nice guy and put up with too much shit from these girls. I never wanted to open a agency and still never plan on doing so. I have been getting a lot of girls into the biz and out of like 11 in a little over a month ever single one of them have fucked me over and not came through or did what they said they would do. I am a very busy guy and between being talent shooting 2 scenes a day sometimes and trying to help these bitchs and its just a nightmare. I have been doing this for a lot of reasons first its kind of nice you got to admit to have a bunch of horny girls around sometimes and the whole thing of having a bunch of girls take the long name but the down falls of it are just not worth it. My house has been a mad house of girls fighting over everything especially the bathroom. sometimes 3 girls at a time.I think one person told me a very smart thing tonight and to think about. Most of my girls have been 18 and 19 years old. They said remember when you were that age you didn’t give a fuck about anything true? well that’s what I forget is 18 is a age that a girl just could care less about anything anyone has done for them and has no morals. Sort of like my xgirlfriend that fucked me over after I helped her have everything she wanted for over a year.


I have put money out of pocket, drove these cunts around on go sees and helped them in every way possible every free min. I have and the only thing I get out of them is ungratefulness. Most of these girls come into the biz because there life is all fucked up as it is and they need help. A lot of them are on drugs and trying to keep them off it just does not work long term either. Problem is when you try to help them they are so use to people trying to screw them over they just don’t realize what you are doing for them. One of the big things is a lot of them walk into the biz wanting to do everything anal dp and have no idea what they are in for and when you try to explain it to them and limit them to come into the biz slowly, they don’t listen. These bitchs think they know everything and don’t want to listen to anyone that tells them they are wrong and that we know better and we have been in the biz longer. This goes for everything agents tells the girls from not giving there numbers out to not trusting anyone lol. I have noticed one thing about the industry, agents and all the girls. Comes down to one thing the agent with the biggest pimp hand wins. That means who has the most power over a girl and can scare a girl the most with money contracts losing work and so on. Its simple look at the biggest to the smallest agents and compare who has the flakiest girls. Why are they the biggest and look at how long girls stay with the bigger agents. Why is that because the biggest agents have the most power.

Example 1 Candy Long 20 years old A girl I brought in and put money out for to get tested and let stay at my house and so on. I signed her up with goldstar and they got her working and one morning I get a call from Joel and he is telling me she is flaking on a shoot and this was not her first shoot! We are both pissed and call her telling her if she does not so up to set we will send her movies to her real job witch she works for the government lol. She claimed to be sick throwing up in riverside without a ride to the shoot in Malibu. After the threats to tell her job she showed up to the shoot. I get a call later from a friend of mine thats male talent jenner asking if I knew where candy was. Guess what she was not in riverside she was at his house because he was nice enough to let her stay there becuase she had nowhere to go. He woke up and her and his new truck were gone! Bottom line seems like ever time someone try’s to be captain save a hoe we get fucked.

Example 2 Vicky Tones 18 years old I brought into the biz also and still owes me 400 dollars for testing and what not she needed. She was a hard headed one that also had to learn everything the hard way. I took her to a red carpet event and told her how important it was not to get drunk or make a fool out of yourself or me because all the media was there and I had brought her there. Well guess what she made a fool out of herself not worth going into details. Second time take her onto primetime with some of the other long girls and guess what someone there gets her high before she goes on the show and sits there on the couch with me and 2 of the long girls and veronica and when people ask her questions she goes uhhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh stoned out of her mind while Jene Ross is sitting there writing about it for his site. So after that I should have told her to fuck off but no I hook her up with number1models because Joel wont take her and what does she do? 2 and a half hours late for the first shoot and 1 and a half on the second. “FIRED” and still leaving me messages to help her!

Example 3 Lexi Long 20 years old A girl that her boyfriend came to me and wanted to bring her in doing only g/g. Long story short spent a lot of time and got fucked on that too. 5 days before the shoot wont even return calls. Like I said no morals or marbles for that matter.

Example 4 Roxy Long 20 years old another vicky tones that was a lier and had to learn everything the hard way and still owes me 400 dollars. This girl never got to shoot because she had some loser that was married that she was in love with effecting her job that she lied to me about also.

example 5 Angelina Long my favorite 18 years old also fucked me over really bad. This is the most resent and the worst one. She was a fan that fell in love with me and fucked me and Joel over really bad with her lies and all her bullshit and then I was dumb enough to believe her lies and give her a second shot and put her with lighthouse and 3 days later gone! Her responce is I she does not give a fuck about anyone or anythjing anyone has done for her. She just wants to go back to her druggy life in Oregon.

NOW FOR THE POSITIVE GIRL Hottie Hollie 22 years old porn star from Canada that has been trying to get usa ids and come and work for a while. She came down to stay with me and I got everything taken care of for her and I put her strait with ladirect. She should be back in a couple weeks when her ids get here. we will see but looks good.

Bottom line is I think I have learned to let the agents do there job and take the fall for these crazy bitchs. My days of helping them and putting my neck on the line is done the way I have been is over. I will still bring a lot of girls into the biz here coming up but things are going to change. Either I will bring them right to a agent and not bother trying to help them get a couple bookings first with the easier companies to work for or plan b is I am going to contract them for a period of 2 weeks then send them to a agent.


Christian writes on XPT: “The best part about that story is that donny seems totally amazed by the actions of these girls. you would think that if girls are dumb enough to all have the same last name as his and be okay with that, then it would clue you in that they arent really in porn for the long haul. for someone who “does 2 scenes almost every day” i would think that donny would understand the mentality and psychology of the girls in this business a little better.”

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