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Agents-The Good Ones, The Bad Ones- Meow Misti Dawn Tells her Experiences

OP/ED by Misti Dawn

I’m actually very happy you asked me about this. It’s been a very big complaint of mine and most “alt” girls. As that agents never know how to market us so we end up filler on their sites that are ignored.

My first experience with an agent was gold star modeling. They signed me while I was traveling back and forth for work from Kentucky. Now they seemed fine at first but once they had my photos and paper work they would never respond to my emails or phone calls. I was signing at the AEEs last January and my agent who I had never even met or knew what he looked like screams my name, my full legal name, as I’m walking down the hallway to the entrance of the convention. So in front of everyone he’s says my legal name. Then he proceeds to tell me I’m much prettier and person and he’s sorry for not getting back with me. Promises the opposite of what he had been doing. And I never heard from him again. And not a single job came from this.

My second agent is from this past summer when I fully moved to LA. Big love alt. First I never meet Chris nor did he ever have me fill out paper work before putting me on the site. He never even asked so much for my I’d to prove my age. He too was impossible to reach. Nothing came of this either. Then I heard from a friend that worked there, after telling him over and over the alt page for the “alt” girls was a terrible idea because they weren’t promoting it and it was hard to find them off the main page. Come to find out its because he said that he did not want the tattooed girls to litter the real porn girls on his site so he kept us separate. I asked him to take me off the site. 3 months with him. No work

Next was vanguard. Darby was great. He’s the first agent I had that actually meet me in person. We kept in contact although he never found me a single job either. He did find me one thing for After I told him 3 times I was home in Kentucky for thanksgiving. The job was the day before thanksgiving and I got two days notice. After I was already home. So that never happened and I kept asking him to rebook it with no luck. So when I got home he said he’s tried everyone he could and can’t get me work and took me off the site

My last dealing with an agent. I’ll leave the name out for this one but it’s a large agent that carries my boyfriend Michael Vegas. While I was never with them I had some close encounters. A couple months prior Michael got me on a shoot for erotic network in Arizona with him. He ended up getting In trouble for not suggesting one of “their” girls. But if they hadn’t turned me away before they would have made money of me then.  Later while Signing at the NJ exxxotica this agency had a booth and approached me for a scene someone was filming and they wanted a tattooed girl. I agreed even though I had to pay their agency fee even though I’m not on their agency. My stipulation was you have to carry me when I return to la. Needless to say they took my money and have avoided me well since. 

That’s my experience with agents.  Keep In mind I’ve been in the business for two years. Have 3 avn noms this year alone. Worked for belladonna ent, evil angel, burning angel, erotic network, venom, and countless more. I’ve been on international magazines. Cbnc, showtime, and g4 three times. And ive been asked to sign at every convention. All this work I’ve  done with no agent. I do anything on camera because I actually enjoy it but agents can’t find me a single job?      

UPDATE-I actually have a slight amendment to my story. My last paragraph. I ended up getting signed by LA Direct today after going thru all those other agents. They were very nice and seemed enthusiastic about signing me. I’m just as shocked as you are. Maybe someone caught wind of my story.

NL-If your a adult performer, Please drop me a line and a picture of yourself along with your experience to [email protected]  about AGENTS & PUBLICISTS-: “The Good Ones, The Bad Ones” is also a story I’m compiling info and doing research on. Please send me your opinons and stories about what happened to you. The last few girls I’ve interviewed have had great things to say about their agents. And there are a number of really GREAT publicists out there. I don’t want you to get the idea I am doing this story to trash people, I want to shed light on the good & the bad.I’d also like to hear the experiences of Agents and Publicists.

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