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Aiden Ashley- Jaw Broken in 3 Places

NL- Aiden sent me a message that she was hurt in an accident. I asked for details. Here is some info she sent on her twitter…

I got into a serious BMX accident. Had to be in the hostiptal for 4 days. Broke my jaw in 3 places, fractured 5 bones, knocked out 6 teeth. I got surgery and have to go threw a few more. They are saying i will have a full recovery and will end up better looking then ever before but it will take a few months. After this is done I’ll have perfect teeth and might even smile in more of my pictures haha

But good news is I will be and back doing photoshoots in about 3-4 months I hope

I’m getting the best care avaiable. I’m just scared for my 2nd sugery where they have to harvest bone from my hip

Well Im depressed. I tried masterbating but cant get off probably due to the meds

Send her a note on twitter @AidenAshley

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