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Aiden Starr Interview

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David Aaron Clark introduced me to Aiden Starr last Sunday, June 24, at Erotica LA and allowed me to have my wicked way with her.

Here’s a .wav file of the interview.

“I was into BDSM way before I had regular sex. I used to tie boys to trees.”

“When I took my first job as a dominatrix, my mother said she was surprised it took me so long.”

A dominatrix for eight years, Aiden came to Los Angeles in January 2003. “When I first moved here, all the other blonde dominatrixes said hellaciously mean things about me. That I abused men. That I took their money. That I was evil.”

Luke: “When was the last time you were submissive?”

Aiden: “I don’t think I’ve ever been submissive.”

Luke: “I guess you’ve never met anyone man enough to make you submissive.”

Aiden: “There you go. I might like it.”

She’s had a boyfriend for almost two years.

Aiden says she was sexually abused as a child and that most porn performers were either neglected or abuse. There “are a bunch of girls looking for a daddy substitute.”

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