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AIM Answers in “Website Breach”

(FIXED I hope…)

Website Breach by gigih
AIM Medical Associates, P.C. is investigating the possibility of a criminal breach of the medical record database. Substantial amounts of information posted on the site in question could not come from the AIM* database because we do not possess that information. Specifically, home addresses and identification documents are not within the AIM* database. Other testing businesses may or may not have such information on their databases. 

AIM is utilizing every available resource to conduct a thorough forensic investigation to confirm if a breach of security occurred here. If such a breach occurred, we shall take all available steps to see that the felonious behavior is criminally prosecuted to the maximum extent under the law. Accessing a database for improper purposes, violating medical privacy and extortion are all crimes in California. There is preliminary information indicating that criminal behavior by persons or entities may have occurred.

In any case, the malicious nature of the site cannot be overstated. It is reprehensible that the site characterizes all adult actresses as “whores,” and refers to some women as “baby killers.” It is gratifying that the website has been largely unavailable at least over the past few days. We hope the hosting company removes this scurrilous site altogether.

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