AIM Expands Quarantine List Rumors Run Wild

Apparently someone at AIM has wised up, the quarantine list has been dramatically expanded.

Rumor mill now has the number of positive performers at 20….something I highly doubt.   Much more likely that’s the number of potential exposures, and it will grow.

Which leads to a question a LOT of people are asking.  IF AIM won’t release the name of the positive performer what good is AIM?  It IS a valid question. If for no other reason than theres no real way to know who the primary and secondary exposures really are.  The only way to know if you have been exposed is to know who tested positive.  There’s no way AIM can know.

AIMs refusal to tell anyone who it is relies on the positive performers honest and accurate info about whom he has worked with in the last 60 days AND on the honest and accurate info about whom each of them has worked with.  Because of the mass hysteria the rumor mill starts to fly because everyone wants to know who it is so they can put their minds at ease or if they should be worried.  Many of these people want to be responsible and stop working if they have been exposed but AIM doesn’t know about them.

In other words….what we have is a cluster fuck.

The truth will eventually get out, it has a way of doing that, same as it did last time. It may be me or one of the other industry blogs.  I’m getting lots of names but none are verifiable…yet.

Either way this is a death blow to AIM, the AHF will use this to railroad their agenda

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