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AL Arrives at the New Jer-zee Exxxotica- part 3

NY Exxotica Expo: 2nd Quarter Action
by Al Blanco

The Sopranos was one of my favorite TV shows when it was on.  Being a New Jersey native, it felt very genuine to me.  I don’t know how accurately it depicted mafia life, but Jersey is littered with people like that: good old fashioned guidos.  The Bada Bing Club was the Soprano family headquarters and any job where you can just walk through a door on your lunch break and catch some titties and beers seems okay to me.

The inside of the Bada Bing is a set at Silvercup Studios in Queens, however the exterior shots are an actual strip joint in Jersey called Satin Dolls.  It was nice to see the club holdin it down at the Exxpo, though while I was there the booth didn’t have any strippers so I was a bit disappointed.

Next was Dr Cuintieri and his invention, the Vibrator Cushin, which is basically a mic looking vibrator attached to a cushin which a woman can ride.  It comes with a wand attachment and variable remote speed controller.  There was a cute chick demonstrating it, and I’m wondering if she sat on that shit all day, and what the repercussions of that are?  Would she be able to stick a light bulb in her pussy during a blackout after that or charge her phone in there? 

At about 2:00 I visit the booth for and talk with Mike.  Now first off, I think that had the coolest title of anything there.  I don’t know how many PR classes you have to take to come up with a snappy ass title like that, but I was sold right then.  Mike tells they are into portraying real life situations, with all natural girls where they just get the shit fucked out of them.  I can sure dig that, though I might have called it, but I’m not in charge.

Close by I make my initial acquaintance with Diamond Jackson of  Diamond is a sweet and beautiful lady who I was already familiar with and definitely looking forward to meeting.  Later on I get the opportunity to speak to Diamond more in depth and will provide details of our rather interesting conversation.  92% of the original viewers of her site come back the next month, a statistic I think is quite impressive and it means she’s doing something right, so it it will definitely be worth reading.

It’s now 2:15 and I make my way to the first booth which I can say first and foremost is socially responsible.  It’s and talk with Andrea who fills me in.  The site basically explains it all, it’s a conduit for those looking to get tested.  Sign up at the site, and they will direct you to the nearest testing center near you, no matter where you live.  In today’s world testing is essential, especially if you’ve been bangin out Gov. Palin’s daughter.

The first musical booth I come across is Gianna Knight’s.  She is a singer that makes music to inspire your sex life.  Some tracks are sexual music while others have porno samples in the background from what I understand.  It took me a hot minute to realize wait, she doesn’t fuck on camera, she’s just a sanga!  Very cute lady, though it didn’t get me to part with any hard earned cash for a CD.

At around 3:00 I catch part of a seminar entitled, “Uncovering The O.”  Definitely informative, though I found the large pillow like vagina being used in the demonstration to be distracting in that it was fuckin hillarious!  It looked like it was made by Jim Henson.  Amongst other things, I learn is that a clit has 4,000 to 6,000 nerve endings and how to find the elusive G spot.  Predictably though it was completely full and I didn’t have a seat so I bounced.

After that I stopped by the Vivid booth and finally got to meet Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jane.  These chicks look hotter in person, let me tell you.  Furthermore I am a complete sucker for English accents.  I find out Vivid is sponsoring a couple of events going on later, Savanna singing her new sing “Possession” and Vivid’s air guitar challenge.  Bet I think, I’ll be there.

It’s halftime, and coming up I will have more details on my conversation with Diamond.  Stay tuned because in the second half the bulk of the performers show up and I finally get twisted!

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