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Al Blanco Does Misty Haze

I haven’t researched this topic, but I’m pretty sure porn gets made everywhere in every corner of the globe and Colorado is no different.  In looking into the topic I came across Misty’s XXX Girls run by Misty Haze, which as far as I can tell is the largest producer of porn in Colorado.

If you go to her site, there are a couple things that are noticeable.  From what I’ve seen, her site is pretty representative of a large contingency of girls in Colorado in that a lot of them are girls next door types – white next girl types.  The others feel like girls you might encounter at local rock show out here; one of them even has dreads.

Misty’s company is based in Colorado Springs, which is different than where I am in Denver, and I think her site and her productions reflect that.  I was able to ask her a few questions to better gauge what it is her site offers that others don’t and what it is about her company that is so Colorado.

Essentially, the site is an amateur one.  You can’t find these girls other places, though Misty has done work in L.A. and Vegas and was recently the covergirl for a new release by Wildlife productions.  Another aspect of her site that I find very Colorado is the fact that she works with local metal bands who provide the music for her releases.   I asked her why might a porn fan want to view her material as opposed to the typical porn made from California and her response was, “Because my porn is REAL!!! with REAL girls, REAL sex, and REAL orgasms!!!  From what I have seen, that statement appears to be appear accurate.

I like that it’s genuine.  You watch so much porn that just has girls with over the top plastic surgery, over the top acting or they just look like cokeheads that to me this is refreshing.  I also like the it is run by a female performer who is really into what she is doing.  I definitely think her site is worth checking out.

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