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AL & Darrah have a Discussion about me- Al’s Side

NL-This is from Twitter where AL & Darrah talk about me. This is AL talking to Darrah. Remember twitter shows up in reverse order. The first thing she said is at that bottom.

@DarrahFord I’m cooking up big things and I don’t need that nor did I ever want it. It was just good writing experience.

@DarrahFord The majority of these people are complete pieces of shit that live in alternate realities

@DarrahFord I appreciate she believed in me but I also know it was because of my skills and because I lived in NY.

@DarrahFord Likewise. I don’t hate her I’m just disappointed how things turned out.

@DarrahFord Don’t dwell on it, just take the positive away from it that’s what I do.

@DarrahFord and she does idolize these people, but there’s no way to objectively report on something like that.

@DarrahFord I hear you. We were really tight, but she turned her back on me. I know, people think she is a fangirl

@DarrahFord now and I’m very happy with that. She knew I never had any adult industry aspirations at all tho

@DarrahFord It was good for me though, it made me some connects, which lead to a different connect, which lead to another which is where I’m

@DarrahFord Other than one person me and her know (well really I actually know) I never brought this up to anyone and it pissed me off

@DarrahFord We used to be really tight but I feel like she started playing me, but I don’t want to trash her either but…

@DarrahFord That’s a double standard cause that’s all that clown Colonel does. People have told me other things but I’ll keep those private

@DarrahFord She posts their shit from their site so in that way they are contributors. She forgot what it is that I always did, satire

@DarrahFord Not to mention I would send her mad emails that she never would respond to and then accuse me of being needy

@DarrahFord complete retards like that guy you mentioned go off. And I did notice her airing things about you publicly, I didn’t like that

@DarrahFord She had me on moderation too it was a joke… Like I can write for you, but you have to check on my comments, when you let

@DarrahFord like I’m not gonna post something where you make fun of other contributors, and that was in the FUN way, not the hate way

@DarrahFord got real upset I wrote something about badassfrank, tony batman a couple others making fun of them and she was hysterical.

@DarrahFord the MM thing… I thought it was in bad taste for her to post that… I don’t know everything, but I know there was a time she
@DarrahFord I went once recently for the first time in months and saw the thing about you, that’s just messed up

@DarrahFord I like Cindi but she can be two faced and you don’t get somethin for nothin, at least not forever

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