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AL & Darrah have a discussion about me- Darrah’s Side

NL-This is from Twitter where AL & Darrah talk about me. This is Darrah talking to AL. Remember twitter shows up in reverse order. The first thing she said is at that bottom.

@ALisHERE He said I made the decision for him & we’re not moving now after he found an email sent to me from a certain porner.

@ALisHERE The bf wanted to move out there for work and brought it up this Summer.

@ALisHERE I would love to live out in Los Angeles and be in the middle of it all. But i can’t imagine the ass kissing I would have to do.

@ALisHERE Oh I’m glad I know now about her. Thanks for letting me vent. ?

@ALisHERE I thought of her as one of my best friends in the industry. Now I know better.

@ALisHERE People have tried telling me for a long time there are no friends in this industry, just associates.

@ALisHERE How dare she call me a drug addict with no proof. I’ve seen what drugs has done to certain members of my extended family.

@ALisHERE I know CL has to make a living. But don’t attack me for having an opinion on things that never had anything to do with her.

@ALisHERE I’m not being paid by anyone and not playing favorites. So what I write is what I feel 100%.

@ALisHERE People attack me as to how can I write about porn. But isn’t my OPINION worth a bit more because I don’t make my living there?

@ALisHERE I know I get things wrong but I don’t do it on purpose and have apologized when I thought I should. But I never set out and lied.

@ALisHERE But I get treated like shit, called a drug addict, mentally ill, and made to look like a liar.

@ALisHERE So I would have been a great friend to her & anyone else because I don’t need them for anything. I’m not using them.

@ALisHERE I don’t make my living in this industry and don’t ever kiss anyone’s ass.

@ALisHERE The most I ever saw her write for her site was her latest rant about R about that guy calling her fat.

@ALisHERE But she claims to be this journalist though 99% of her site & new site are from what others write.

@ALisHERE I know what I am and my place in this industry and have never thought of myself as anything else.

@ALisHERE I defended her many times publicly and privately to so many IN THE INDUSTRY who think of her as a joke.

@ALisHERE She turns a blind eye to all the horrors in this industry while i try to shed a bit of light on it. But I’m the bad one.

@ALisHERE She’ll eventually piss off and alienate all her contributors and be left with no one except cut&paste from the AP.

@ALisHERE My mother says she’s either sleeping at home or out with friends. Drug addicts can sleep?? Maybe I should be a drug addict.

@ALisHERE One of my cousins is a drug addict. I ask my mother what my cousin does all day when NOT taking care of her child.

@ALisHERE Wish I was on some sort of drugs that would finally allow me to sleep after six years.

@ALisHERE JJ’s boyfriend holds a press conference calling her a drug addict. But CL accuses me of being a drug addict with no proof.

@ALisHERE She got so angry about anything I said about JJ but she kisses JJ’s ass to get a story.

@ALisHERE I don’t know why she cared about what I said about others. It’s none of her business.

@ALisHERE While a handful have been accusing many in the industry of crimes in the comment section in the two years she has had the site.

@ALisHERE Upset because I accused 1 of her contributors of a crime (stalking). I asked him questions that he himself said was okay to ask.

@ALisHERE Wait, Tony and Frank aren’t even contributors and she got upset?

@ALisHERE Take off your ad blocker and see how MM has up an ad. So it’s okay to have her say a few lies about me because of $$$.

@ALisHERE She also can’t claim she’s against censorship when she deletes many comments and bans many people.

@ALisHERE But she said that in her AVN interview.

@ALisHERE stars refused to be on her 1st site because of all the hateful comments.

@ALisHERE What I think she meant is when I said she started site #2 because many female porn (

@ALisHERE I looked back & couldn’t find anything.

@ALisHERE She then said something about me writing something on Twitter that was said in confidence between her & I.

@ALisHERE I went to her site and got the dates of when the rumor was posted. It was 2 days before she ran her story.

@ALisHERE She says the rumor Colonel posted, he posted it after she ran her story. Wrong.

@ALisHERE I pointed out the example where she posts the rumor that Dan is being sued.This was based on Colonel & someone else days earlier.

@ALisHERE She also tried labeling me a liar on Twitter. She says she never posts anything on her site without proof.

@ALisHERE CL then accuses me of being on drugs & mentally ill. This was on Twitter. Now I’m a drug addict because I have an opinion.

@ALisHERE Main question was why is she accusing you of stalking her & what happened & how something must have happened 2 make her say that.

@ALisHERE My questions were deleted again though the guy said it was okay to ask him.

@ALisHERE CL then yells at me in the comments. The guy then says it’s okay for anyone to ask him any questions. So I asked again.

@ALisHERE A porn star accused one of her contributors of stalking her for a very long time. I asked a few questions. They got deleted.

@ALisHERE Site is suppose 2 be so controversial & no censorship but my comments get deleted & my entire account put on moderation 1 night.

@ALisHERE Wow, I didn’t know all of this. But Colonel always went against you. I was once a contributor & she let MM go against me.

@ALisHERE What, the story about me and MM; or about me asking someone questions about being a stalker that a porn star had accused him of?

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