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AL Goldstein in the Psych Ward

by Al Goldstein from his blog    by way of PornstarBabylon

To all of you fucking assholes who thought I was dead: ‘F-U-U-U-C-K YOU!” It’s me, live in the flesh (albeit less flesh on my former svelt frame).  What happend was I have been a patient at the VA Psych Ward for over 3 weeks now.  I had myself admitted after consuming one too many Ambiens.  Actually, I needed the break from my monotonous life in Ozone Park (the shit hole of Queens County).

My Social Worker, “Eric,” is a real fucking mensch.  He saved me from sinking into the abyss.  He has give me a new lease on life.  I am well-medicated (but not so much as to cause me to fall flat on my fucking face!)

My lawyer, Charles, has called me (thank fucking God that I have such a kind Dego Mick lawyer as a friend…no, not “friend,” but “son.”) He has been there for me throughout this horrific chapter in my life.  I told him that while I’m here in the VA that I requested a sex change operation just so Charles can fuck me and have my child! (They said that they would comply with my wish to be a woman, but they need to find my cock first …yes, for the record, it is a small Jew cock but a well-worn one!)

Two days ago I was visited by Jamie Gillis and Ratso Sloman.  Just when i thought that my world had dried up, these two Jew faggots show up in the Psych Ward! I thought that the medicine was making me fucking delusional! I wanted to blow them on  the spot! I wanted to bend over and let them fuck me in the ass just so I could wake up and realize that their visit was real!

They tried to smuggle in some pastrami down their pants, but were told at the front desk that I was on a fucking strict diet of bland, boiled vegetables, tasteless boiled meat, and sugarless jello.  The shit that they serve me here would be spit out by a kosher Hasidic! It is worse than glatt food, worse than leftover cafeteria food at the homeless shelter! but at least Ratso and Jamie tried to get some ral food into my belly!

I am finished writing to you pathetic scumbags who have nothing better to do but read my blog! FUUUCK YOU!

Photos to follow…and gifts gladly accepted: Make checks out to AL GOLDSTEIN and send it to my Dego Mick lawyer, Charles DeStefano.


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