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AL hangs out in the Penthouse VIP Room

by AL Blanco

Finding events to cover for LIB out here in Denver is a much bigger challenge than it was in NY, however I guess that’s one of the breaks of trying to get an education.  Luckily my friend Lainie at Penthouse was kind enough to hook me up with the good people over at the Penthouse Club here in Denver for their 5th Anniversary celebration.

Penthouse Denver is owned by VCGH Holdings (NASDAQ: VCGH), which also own 4 other clubs in the Denver area, as well as clubs all over the U.S. The company owns, manages and acquires nightclubs, which provide premium live adult entertainment and upscale restaurant and beverage services in a first class environment targeting affluent patrons.  In other words, they have the strip club game on lock here in Denver.
Prior to being the Penthouse club, the club was a PT’s Showclub, part of a well known chain of gentleman’s clubs going back over thirty years.  After a 1.5 million dollar renovation, they reopened in 2004 as the Penthouse Club.

The club has a very nice décor, and one of the things I like the most are the very high ceilings.  They have this one stripper pole that goes to the top and everyone now and then you’ll see a zealous lady go all the way to the top.  It looks more like a pole in a firehouse than a stripper pole.  The place definitely has a lot of breathing room.

The club was celebrating their anniversary all week with various events, and on the night I stopped by they had an amateur competition hosted by local 106.7 KBPI radio personality Uncle Nasty.  Uncle Nasty is hugely popular in Denver; in fact the people I know here that I told I went were more interested in hearing about him than the event.  Someone even referred to him as a local legend, kind of like their Howard Stern.  i got a pic of him with the Penthouse gazelle, though I thought it was a kind of deer.  I said I’m not from around here, all the animals I’m familiar with are rats, roaches, dogs and two legged snakes.  Unfortunately that is basically the extent of the pics for that evening, as taking pics in a strip club is kind of like taking pictures of the mafia.

The club was decked out in celebration mode, with balloons and all sorts of things.  I thought the place was packed, but I heard that it gets even more packed than that sometimes.  In any event, it didn’t look like there was a recession going on in here.  It was easy to feel the atmosphere was not that of a typical Friday night.

Being the VIP that I am, I got to hang out and take in the party from the VIP lounge which towers above the main floor.  Okay, I’m not a VIP; I’m more like a KIP (Kinda Important Person).  Scratch that, I’m a NIP (Not Important Person), which made hanging in VIP feel like being a double agent spy.  Up there they have a fireplace, their own bar, bunch of flat screens.  It’s good to be VIP.  Being VIP however, comes with its price, but I find it is a price many are willing to pay.  For $1,750.00 a year (that’s dollars, not Pesos, I made sure to clarify that) you get free admittance whenever you want to any of VCGH’s clubs all over the U.S. and get to hang out in the VIP section all you want.

Before the competition I got to chat with Uncle Nasty and his producer/on air partner Mike Need.  It was obvious why he is so popular; Uncle Nasty has personality for days, the life of the party type of personality.  He told me he was a huge fan of mine, and I was humbled.  Actually, that’s not true, no one knew who I was or even knew beforehand who I write for, but they do now.

I’m not sure how many of the girls were legit amateurs with no previous stripping or dancing experience, but let’s say if they are, they look like they are ready for the stripper draft any day now.  I have to say one of them had one of the nicest pair of natural breasteses I had ever seen.  In fact that was a topic of discussion, like “are they real?”  The consensus was that they were in fact genuine.

A competition like that makes you realize that in general, men are more magnanimous in their losing than women.  The contest was judged by a noise meter.  When a couple of girls almost broke the noise meter, you could see the other girls had hate in their eyes and all over they’re face.  Guys have too much pride; we’d act like it didn’t bother us.  500 bucks is 500 bucks though, and the ladies wanted to get paid.

Before I knew it, it was time to leave, and thus ended my evening at the Penthouse Club.  I thought VIP after hours was like crazy orgies and bottles flowing, but it’s actually really closing time.  I guess they could see that on my face and they said, “AL, this ain’t New York.”  I can dig it a, club run by the books, who knew?

I extended my services to the club.  I told them hey, I’ll be willing to hang out here all the time, make it for me like the Bada Bing was to Tony Soprano and in return I’ll write about how Wed mid afternoon was.  I don’t think they were interested, but I hope to go back the next time they have a major event in the future.

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