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Coloradhos: Shotgun Willie’s Part 1



It is that time of year again.  The Summertime is the awakening of a primordial desire for me: the desire to get drunk and see hot ladies on demand.  Yes, it is strip club season.  The main reason for this is very simple.  If I’m gonna blow money in a strip club and have varying degrees of regret afterward, I at least want to exit the club to warm weather.  That’s basically it.  Exiting a strip club drunk and low on funds in the brick winter weather will fuck you up like Ivan Drago fucked up Apollo Creed in Rocky IV (RIP Apollo, the Rocky movies were never the same without you).

Luckily season tipoff coincided with my desire to add my Coloradhos collection.  In my previous and only one, I detailed Misty’s XXX Girls, the largest producer of straight porn in Colorado.  This time the shine goes to my favorite strip club in Denver, Shotgun Willies, or as us locals refer to it, The Gun.

It’s actually not in Denver, it’s in a tiny city (Glendale) in the middle of Denver.  I had an opportunity to talk to Matt Dunafon, the manager of the Gun since 1993.  The Gun is very well known in Colorado and has 36 years under its belt.  36 years for a strip club is like 100 in regular years no?  Talking to someone with that kind of experience was fascinating to me actually, what with all the crazy people and happenings that one must encounter in that environment.  Apparently the recession hasn’t hurt the Gun, however the clientele is more subdued.  I understand, spending your unemployment check at the strip club just doesn’t feel the same as spending that bonus.

I asked Matt a question I had always pondered: what is the single most played song in strip clubs?  I had an idea, and it turns out I was right: Girls, Girls, Girls.  I can tell by his response he must have heard that song literally a million times, I think he might want to put a contract out on that song.  If I had to put money, I would have said that or “Superfreak.”  The funny thing is they played Girls, Girls, Girls right after I finished speaking with him. 

The Gun gets a good amount of famous people, visiting athletes, things of that nature.  One of the funniest things he told me was how Sting came in one night.  Sting they say is a fine fellow and great tipper.  Only thing is he smelled like shit, straight ass.  Not ass literally, well maybe I don’t know, but he just stunk.  Looking around the room when he told me that I can tell he was serious cause a couple of other people in there had that expression on their face like when you are recalling nasty shit.  I opined it must be because he’s on that natural shit and uses that bullshit deodorant they make.  My brother uses that too.  He also stinks.  It may work on ladies, but men need chemicals in their deodorant.  He might not wear any either though because he’s Sting, ladies love him and his tantric dick and fuck it, if I was rich I might stink like shit too.  I think I only bathe for women actually.  I’d go on Survivor and stink the competition into submission and then smoke a cigarette. 

I don’t recommend anyone go to strip clubs because of the inherent risk of financial loss, however if you are gonna do it anyway and you are in Denver, come to the Gun.  Great and friendly staff, great atmosphere, great times.  I am told the Gun has a healthy number of ladies who do porn and in my next piece I will highlight them and hopefully get you guys a lot of great T & A.

Check out Matt’s blog by the way, I think it’s highly entertaining and I hope he updates it more frequently, which he told me he would.

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