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AL- On Roman Polanski- Rebuttal

Opinion/Editorial by AL

The Roman Polanski case is an extremely polarizing and divisive issue, mainly because the topic of rape is such as visceral subject.  In prison rapists and child molesters are considered to be the lowest in the caste system, which at least in some form validates the honor among thieves idea.  I think any sane person regards the act of child rape to be an abhorrent act worthy of severe punishment, granted the individual is of sound mind according to legal definitions.  To be more simple, if you do really fucked up shit and you know it to be fucked you deserve to be fucked up.

The contrary viewpoint as it regards to Polanski is a legitimate one, though only in the sense that it is a belief held by a substantial amount of people.  There are also substantial amounts of people who believe a menagerie of preposterous things, of which no examples are needed, which are clearly discounted.  In any event, this hit a nerve with a lot of people.  Normally I like to argue things which I believe are not the majority opinion, however in this case I believe the general consensus amongst Americans is that this fucker should rot; I myself wouldn’t be opposed to just offing this guy.  In almost every opinion I have, I have empathy to the opposing side and can conjure some rationalization for their opinion.  In this I just can’t.

There was a discernible strong reaction to the Colonel’s article, with the General posing questions regarding what Cindi posts here and concluding that these posts reflect on Cindi.  Cindi and I used to talk way more, but we still talk regularly and we have wide ranging in depth discussions about LIB.  Cindi is like family to me; it’s worth noting that I was on board here from Day 1 with Cindi.  That being said, if I think something is hurting the site, I’m gonna let her know.  Cindi doesn’t need me to say anything on her behalf and I’m not, I’m just the loquacious type.  My concern was that certain things posted, which extend beyond this, don’t reflect her ideals and at some points what Cindi believes and what the site espouses repel.

I didn’t have to talk to Cindi to know that she does not agree with the idea that Roman Polanski should just be free.  By talking to Cindi however, I am fully satisfied that her goal is to have as many viewpoints out there as possible.  Cindi is not the talkative type; in fact she has been criticized for not even responding in some fashion to certain comments.  What’s here is discussion, and that in and of itself is a noble thing.  Without dialog nothing gets done.

With all that said, let’s remember that this site is about unfiltered opinion.  Anyone with a sound mind who disagrees with anything here can create their own rebuttal that Cindi will publish as long as it’s readable.  Shit, we have seen things she posts from people that are not really readable.  Bottom line we all want to see this recognized for what it is: the ideal place for motherfuckers that like porn to let it all out.   I would love to see the vast majority population of visitors to go on and make a screen name and comment.  The more discourse the better.  At the end of the day, this is just the Internet.  There’s nothing to be scurred about.

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