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AL Parties with PentHouse and Hedoonline

Penthouse / Hedoonline party at Webster Hall

You’ve got a bevy of fine ladies lookin very, very sexy as the female attire recommended all sorts of shit a man wants to see in his fantasies.  I’m a man that believes more often than not, savy wardrobe is sexier than nudity.  Additionally three Penthouse Pets are in attendance (Krista Ayne, Justine Joli and Victoria Zdrok), which you won’t turn away like the free drink your local bartender throws you after you already bought a few, you just say cheers. 

In many was it was a very typical New York club experience, but typical New York is exotic as hell in Montana.  New York City hands down has the finest pool of women in the world, bar none, hand downs, without question, point blank, period, end of sentence.  I can prove this like Johnny Cochran proved reasonable doubt for O.J. with meticulous detail, but the general reason has to do with the variety of women you find and the fact that the world’s most beautiful women are drawn to New York, and the key word is beautiful women, not slutty tramps like Miami, who are still all good with me.  That being said, you are bound to see hot ladies anywhere you go in the city, but there were no dogs here, every last one would have pretty much got it.

When you enter you see some shit that I don’t know what it is called, but it’s like some shit you would see in New Orleans with two people performing like their having sex but they aren’t.  I’m thinking even if this guy has no health benefits, he’s still got it pretty cushy, all he has to do is grind on this hot chick.  Can you get workmans comp from blueballs though?  What a great ice breaker, “hey my name is AL, I’ll be grinding on you tonight, you wanna get some drinks later?”

It’s mainly a couples event, with single females being allowed but from what I understand no single men.  That’s a decent policy, but I would have preferred it was females only, short of your man AL of course.  I’m really all a woman needs anyway.   I’m like water in the desert for women, an absolute must have. 

The party had a pretty chill atmosphere, full of sexually liberal adults.  I thought I might see an orgy or two, but nope.  Titties did make a few appearnces, and I’m always there to greet titties at the airport when they come out.  Ass too, I’m always there to greet ass, but I’ll send a car for legs.  It’s a cool club to go if you are in New York and it is very well known and actually is the first modern nightclub in the United States.

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