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AL Toots Cindi’s Horn

Cindi is going through a very difficult time right now, as you may have read here on LIB.  When people I care about feel pain, I feel it also.  Nothing helps me through a trying situation like support from my
friends and family.  Additionally, I believe one of the most effective ways of showing support for someone is letting them know how much you care and what they mean to you.  Nothing makes me feel better than being appreciated, I think that is innate in all of us.

I have known Cindi for a relatively short amount of time, but I’ve found her to be a great, great person.  Cindi is the kind of person that thinks the best of people, and that sentiment is sincere.  She wants to
see people built up, not torn down.  What I equally like about her is that if you fuck with her, she’s going to go all out on you, and if she does it’s
because you deserved it, not because she has a sadistic pleasure to see others in bad spots.

I respect anyone that has a lot of passion for what they do, and Cindi is not an exception to that.  When I read she watched 8 straight hours of porno to get her best of picks straight, I was somewhat boggled.
Mainly because someone would have to pay me to watch 8 straight hours of porno.  I mean, I like dirty movies, but 8 straight hours?  She is truly dedicated.

When I went to the Exxxotica convention and told people I met that I worked with Cindi, those that knew her immediately smiled and said how much they loved her.  It got to the point where it was almost comical because if I said her name I could put money each time
they would say something positive about her, and it was always genuine.

One time I fucked up with Cindi pretty bad, she knows what I am referring to.  Others would have been done with me at that point, but Cindi didn’t go that route and it’s a testament to her as a person.  I’ll always be grateful to her for that.

I think at the very least everyone who frequents this board can agree she represents and portrays the adult industry with dignity and class.  If aliens come down and want to speak to Earth’s porno representative, I
would nominate Cindi to do the talking.

All I know is that if Cindi has conned me into thinking she’s this wonderful person and she really isn’t, she needs to change her line of work and become a hustler.  Most shit doesn’t get past me and she
could have a lucrative career selling ice to the Eskimos.

I know I am making it sounds like Cindi has croaked, but those of us who have been through similar situations understand what she is going through.  Everyone appreciates the work she does here, and the
work she has been doing for a very long time now.  I only ask that you keep her in your thoughts and remember any type of support is helpful at a time like this.  I am positive she will appreciate it.

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