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Paying To Play

By Al Blanco
Recently there was a post on here regarding what it is appropriate to pay a hooker, prostitute, whore, escort, call girl, lady of the night whatever the fuck you want to call them. I felt compelled to throw my one cent in (remember, I’m Jewish) because whether I should be proud of it or not, I have considerable experience and insight in this situation.
First, seeing a hooker in and of itself as a one time experience is not wrong or bad, however it can be a problem for an individual who develops into a fiend and does not even attempt to seek out normal relations. I think it is perfectly normal for a man to desire pussy on demand and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a man’s ability to get regular pussy. It goes without saying however that many men who see hookers indeed have a hard time picking up girls or are shy and introverted and that is the sole reason.

Many men that see hookers don’t have that problem at all though, they just want a girl to come by, fuck the shit out of them and get the fuck out with nothing else in between, a desire I feel is perfectly healthy for a man and even warranted and justified in today’s sex obsessed and oriented American culture. Plus we all know money is the ultimate aphrodisiac and enough of it will have any woman doing anything you want her to. Every woman has her price and for some it is relatively low, just ask Ron Jeremy’s co-stars.
Now, I have to say I am able to understand with perfect clarity the flip side to my opinion, which is the notion that you should never, ever, ever, ever pay for pussy because – (drumroll) – it’s fuckin free! Well you can go to a library and read every book or pay for college, but if you have a certain goal of learning and happen to be dyslexic or lazy, paying for education is definitely the way to go.

Hence if one wants to fuck certain bitches he can hang out at the club all night and not hit anything, end up going home with some shit that will cause him nightmares for the rest of life or go home and rub one out. His alternative is to just open his fuckin labtop and go on Eros (my personal favorite) pick a bitch like he was shopping for a car and ride that shit later for a mutually agreed upon fee. It comes down to the fact that some men will never fuck a certain caliber woman without paying for it, which is one reason I doubt the existence of God. Some think the hookers are getting exploited and deserve sympathy, newsflash, it’s the fuckin men that have it bad.
What to pay an escort is largely based on how much money you have, however I am a firm believer that no matter how much money you have there are limits to what pussy is worth. If you make $500 a week, paying a normal amount of $200 is not cost effective, but you might have to pull the trigger and if you aren’t getting laid at all that experience will hold you over for a while. If you make $5,000 a week, you’ll go for multiple hours because what’s the difference?

In my eyes, one nut – a single generic bust – is not worth more than $500 no matter if you are Bill Gates, Joe the Plumber or Bill the Crackhead and even if the bitch is an all-star pro-bowl hooker. There are exceptions to this though, one of which is if you have specific pussy in mind. The limit is then dictated on what this pussy means to you. Some guys wanna fuck a porno chick because they have seen her fuck so many times and fiend for her and are willing to pay an exorbitant amount to do it. I think that’s nonsense because a porno bitch is not worth it because you can just watch the video, however if Eva Mendes wanted a G to fuck and I had it to spare like nothing, you can bet your ass I’m fuckin that fine piece of Cuban pussy even if she just lays there.

Another exception to the $500 limit is if you are into some freaky shit a normal hooker just won’t do, then I guess you gotta do it. You can’t expect to take a shit on a bitch at the blue light special, you must pony up the bread player. The bottom line, it’s what it is worth to you. A man can spend a G on a weekend vacation local to him and it’s fine because he got to relax and not go to work, but a man can also dump 50 G’s to go to an exotic island with fine food and servants, but at the end of the day it’s still a weekend and it’s value is dictated by the worth you place on it. In other words, a nut is a nut.
Now, with regards to what 2 hours with my fantasy woman is, that is tough to say. I could say I would  spend $5,000 for my fantasy woman, but my practical side would say you could fuck 5 perfectly hot bitches at the same time for 2 hours for that amount of money. Why would I want to fuck one dime when I can fuck five 8’s and 9’s?

To me, paying for sex is a matter of practicality, you go for the hybrid not the SUV. With regards to whether illegal or legal is more fun, I say it doesn’t make one shred of difference. The illicit nature does nothing to turn me on. The only legal sex I paid for was one of the best experiences I ever had, which was in Amsterdam, a place I recommend everyone go to before they die. The Red Light District is a John’s dream and some of these women are on the upper upper echelon, not to mention you can get some weed right before you do it.
The bottom line is prostitution will never be eradicated from this earth as long as there women willing to sell it. I want to say from my personal experience that treating a hooker with respect and like a lady also goes a long fuckin way, even if they are bitches to you at first. I’ve had girls say they would never do certain shit and then they did it with out me asking because I treated them like people and not like objects. These women are mothers, daughters, wives and regular decent people, they deserve treatment that anyone else deserves and even moreso because they are choosing to sell their bodies to basically anyone. How can you not respect that?
I’m not an economist, but legalizing prostitution could probably put a big fuckin dent in this economic crisis we are having. Tax the shit out of it and give tax breaks to prostitutes. By the way, how can something be legal when it’s free but when you sell it is becomes illegal? It’s like you can eat that tomato but if I sell it to you I can get locked up? 

Additionally, I think the stigma placed on hookers and John’s alike needs to fuckin bounce. John’s are all kinds of guys, not just weirdos in a trench coat with five o’clock shadow and hookers are not demons, but people who made a choice to do a certain line of work and if they are fine with it, why should anyone else have a problem? Would I want my daughter to be a prostitute? No, I would hope she had bigger aspirations, but if I had a daughter that did want to do it, I would hope she was the best fuckin hooker on Earth.
Honestly, if I won the Mega Millions or Powerball, the first thing I would do would be get a swanky ass hotel room, an ounce of perico, (with a good amount of Cialis or Viagra) about 20 e pills and 20 dime piece whores for the weekend and then never see a prostitute again. Actually, I constantly replay this fantasy in my mind. Then I would donate money to charity, but I would have to fuck 20 women at once first, definitely.

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