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Alana Evans and the Scam Union No Longer Want You Posting Naked Pictures on Twitter #APAG

I just downloaded all the filings from both APAG, and their partner in crime, IEAU.  What a fantastic read…Mostly fiction, but we can talk about that next week.

I did read the ‘APAG give us your money and here’s why list’.. All bullshit for the most part, but this one stuck out.

Sec. 11. Working to protect children from sexually explicit materials by creation of laws at the federal
level that push all “hardcore sexual content” behind membership registered area

Correct me if I’m wrong, but twitter isn’t behind a pay wall. So when APAG, lol, pushes for this FEDERAL law, they will be effectively shutting down porn on twitter…Now, I’m not as smart as APAG President for Life Alana Evans, but I’m pretty sure twitter is used by 99.9% of porn, to promote porn, and make money off porn…That will get increasingly harder if girls can’t tweet their naked pics

I’m sure the ‘has beens’ over at APAG will argue that they said “hardcore.” But who’s gonna decide whats hardcore and whats not? especially if it’s federal law. Instead of getting into a pissing match, Twitter would just do away with adult content.. You know, like IG did.

Now lets not get it twisted, APAG is nothing more than a retirement fund for Alana and the rest of the grannies, they would never be able to make the federal law happen..But still, the fact that they are so stupid as to think the everyday performer wouldn’t be effected by it boggles my mind…

You know who wouldn’t effected? Alana, Ruby and Cousin It, no one has wanted to see them naked for 20 years.

More next week







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