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Alana Evans Says She Was Raped

an old pic from the LIB archives of Alana in 2000

NL- I’ve been following her discussion with others and talking to Alana Evans this weekend on Twitter. She’s got a whole lot going on, some good, some bad. First the good,

She’s very happy to announce that she is pregnant!

She just got a gig doing a sexy cooking show for an Australian program.

 Unfortunately the bad is really bad. Alana says in her twitter that she was raped in Dec 2008 at the home of Brian McKnight, by a friend of his family that was also staying there. ( I would love a copy of the police report if anyone knows how to get one) Here are some of the things Alana has stated on her twitter-

I finally went public about being raped at Brian Mcknights house- it was dec 2008 and I went to cops right away

 it was Dec 16, 2008 that I went to the house- was raped early am the 17th, and filed the report the am of the 18th

And Its very strange that the guy who raped me is the one who handed me a foamy beer- because he planned it all along

 I had a full rape kit and toxicology done- but it was 24 hours later- ghb and rufees fade like alcohol
9:51 PM Sep 5th via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Why would a guy I don’t even know come check on me in another room if he didn’t have bad intentions? I wasn’t his problem

The cops photographed bruises on the insides of both of my thighs- he hurt me- held me down- and even gave me an STD-

I was so messed up from whatever he gave me, I couldn’t fight him off or even yell- he was over 200lbs and I’m barely 120- I had bruises

The biggest problem is that Nick Hayes took advantage of me when I was down- he took something I would have never given him

I want to thank all those who support me in this difficult time- I have no reason to lie- the truth will come out! Love you all!


Brian McKnight Responds with the  following according to

“We take the accusations made by Ms. Evans very seriously,” McKnight says in a statement to

“I was made aware of a party at my house in my absence in December of 2008. I was in NYC, and both my boys (ages 15 & 17 at that time) were at the house with some friends. I can confirm that Ms. Evans was in fact at the house, as I discovered she provided some of the liquor.

“Being as I was not home at the time, I cannot speak absolutely regarding all the events of the evening, however my sons did inform me that due to Ms. Evans level of intoxication, that they placed her alone in a bedroom so she could “sleep it off.” The next morning Ms. Evans stayed and socialized at the house until approximately 2PM.”

Evans says the man who raped her is Nicholas Hayes, and McKnight acknowledges that allegation.

“Two days after the party, Ms. Evans contacted the LAPD,” McKnight continued in the statement. “The police came to the house and questioned the entire family and Mr. Hayes with  the full cooperation of the McKnight family. Mr. Hayes retained a lawyer, and cooperated in a month long investigation. The police concluded that no rape had occurred, and no charges were ever filed. This information is all part of the official police report.

“Rape is a very serious matter, and not something we take lightly. I truly hope that Ms. Evans was not discriminated by the police because of her profession. I believe that the police concluded simply that no crime had taken place.

“That being said,’if I ever had knowledge of such a vile and reprehensible act by anyone whether they were friends or family, I would never work to ‘protect’ that person. The statement that Mr. Hayes has been banned from my home is not true. “

He signs off: “Thank you, Brian, Brian Jr & Niko McKnight.”

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