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Alana Evans Vs. Kurt Lockwood

Bornyo writes on XPT: “I’m going to ask Alana to retell the story about Lockwood impregnating her during a creampie shot. iirc, she said Lockwood was whispering to her about knocking her up and lo and behold, she conceived. I’m going to ask her how she is so certain it was Lockwoods kid and if she ever gave any thoughts to keeping the baby. Then I might ask her how she decided to abort it, what procedure she used and if she ever felt any guilt about doing it. Just thinking of a little dude running around with a mullet kicking cats cracks me up.”

Kurt Lockwood responds: “I think I did whisper something in her ear about knocking her up. Sometimes, as a male porn star, you have to “go there” in your mind to reach orgasm. I was coming in her already for the creampie scene so, the little bit of dirty, fantasy talk helped facilitate the process, if you catch my drift. The inane thing about all this is that she brings that point up like it’s proof I purposefully got her pregnant. Like it’s the power of suggestion or something. No, Alana, it’s just that you stupidly did a creampie movie when you’re birth control was fucked. And gee, (sarcastically) her and husband Chris must just have a RAGING private sex life if she is so sure that they weren’t fucking around that time so that it might’ve been his before she went making wild accusation. I know A LOT of shit about Alanna from first hand experience, and she keeps this b.s. up, I won’t hold my tongue any more.”

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