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ALEKTRA BLUE-exclusive interview


LIB-Where were you born and raised?

I was Born in Phoenix, Az. Raised in Dallas,Tx


LIB-What were you like in high school? I

was kind of a tomboy.. I played soccer


LIB- How did you go from high school girl to porn girl?

I started having sex.. lol Then it all happened so fast! lol I bartended and went right into porn..


LIB-What did you think you were going to do as a profession?

I wanted to be a model. But thought i would end up being a hairstlylist.


LIB-What month and year did you start in the adult industry?

January 2005


LIB-How many movies have you done so far.

Probably 150


LIB-Tell me about the BEST scene you have ever done.

Probably the one i won an award for this year.. It was a 5 girl all girl scene.. It was very fun! ? I was like a kid in a candy store..haha


LIB-What sex acts or group activities won’t you do on film?

I wont have sex with more than 2 guys.. Because its too much work.. ?


LIB- Can you tell us about an unfulfilled fantasy of yours?

I’d Like to have a 3some with Posh and David Beckham lol it will never happen!


LIB-How does being a porn star affect your “real” love life? How is your marriage to Director Pat Myne affected by you both being in the biz?

It doesnt really affect my love life or my marriage. We both love each other dearly and know that this is a business. At the end of the day we have each other forever. You have to have that trust.


LIB- What fetishes are you into?

I don’t really have any fetishes. I really like kissing.. does that count. lol I like to be dominate with females, and submissive with males! lol

LIB-Why did you decide to become a contract girl for Wicked Pictures?

I’ve always want to be one but never thought i could be. They approached me which was a big surprise!


LIB-Who, on the Wicked Team do you most want to work with and why?

Jessica Drake.. Because we’ve become friends off camera but never worked together.. I’m Also excited to work with Brad directing my movies. I think he’ll be a great mentor & he might bring the best out of me! ?


LIB-What is your first movie for them? What is it about? How were your sex scenes?

We havent shot a main role movie yet. But i just shot a scene with Sammie Rhodes for Jessica’s directorial debut called “What Girls Like” It was pretty fun. I played a goth chick who liked to paint and Sammie came over trying to sell magazines… well then you can say we painted together.. lol


LIB-Where do you see yourself if five years?

I couldn’t tell you.. Hopefully i will still be with Wicked or a part of Wicked. I’m taking this whole opportunity in at the moment- one day at a time! ?


LIB-Tell us about your site

There is a ton of content. Boy girl- girl- solo videos.. I also keep my journal updated with what i’m doing and i have a forum as well so i can chat with my members! ?


LIB-Tell us about anything else you would like to promote.

Before i signed my contract i did a feature type movie for Zero Tolerance called “Rollerdollz” I did 2 hot scenes in that and you get to see me on skates! ? Its coming out soon!


LIB-Your myspace? I check it all by myself. I also put it all together myself. No help! ?


TY Alektra. I’ll be sending you a friend request. Best of luck on your new contract. We’ll be seeing you… in the movies.

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