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Alexis Ford’s Side of the Story

NL-I didn’t specifically ask for Alexis’s side of the story when I put up the original post, because, I figured what Alexis told on the radio was her side of the story. But here is an update from Alexis….

As heard last night on weekly podcast The Radio Freaks Alexis Ford responded to The Blush controversy and backlash:
“I happened to mention it on the Pittsburgh radio show while I was in town feature dancing at Blush because that’s what the club waitresses and staffers were telling me in response to why the feature performers now have to pay for all their drinks, because “The Teagans” ran up a hefty tab and ruined it for the other performers. I love Blush, always have and I understand why they wanted to smooth that over, they don’t want the drama. I don’t want to be part of the shit-talking group. It came out because the club said all talent has to pay for drinks because of them. I just though that was funny. I don’t thrive on drama, I was just saying what was told to me. I’m not trying to take jobs or money away from anyone.”
Alexis Ford is the June 2012 Penthouse Pet of the Month and has been cast to star in the Smash Pictures porn parody of best-seller “50 Shades of Grey.”

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