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Alexis Love Interview

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Alexis entered porn in August 2006. Her favorite part of the industry? Make-up.

“I grew up in Sacramento.”

“I talked to everybody in high school.”

Her best subject was math (she took calculus).

Alexis lost her virginity at 15.

“I graduated from high school and I wanted to move up. I had a friend in the industry and I came out here to do porn.”

“I’m not dating anybody.”

“My sisters are cool with it. They want me to do just girls now.”

Luke: “What makes you happy?”

Alexis: “Shopping. Family. All I need is my family.”

Luke: “This is a funny occupation for a shy girl?”

Alexis: “Not really. I come out here and do my job. Everybody likes me and I get a lot of work.”

Luke: “How would your best friends describe you?”

Alexis: “Bitch. Because I’m a bitch back home. Here I’m quiet and innocent.”

“I’ve always been spoiled. Whatever I want, I have to have and if I don’t have it, I’m not happy.”

“I do what I want to do. I don’t listen to nobody else.”

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