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Alexis Silver

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She replies:

Sorry, I’ve been in London with no internet access!

I love England (or at least Leeds where I live). The main difference in the people seems to be that Brits are a lot more down to Earth whereas you don’t really know how to take people in LA. I suppose that could be largely down to being in LA (la la land) and the people I come into contact with. England is expensive. Really, really, fucking expensive!!! At the moment, it’s $2 to £1 and most things cost the same in dollars as they do in pounds, so imagine a TV costing $1,000. That would be £1,000 which equates to $2,000!!!! It sucks. Big time! I do love the weather in LA especially this year as summer had been dreadful in England. It can get a bit samey though. I often wish for a thunder storm or something to break up the heat!

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