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Alexis Texas- Exclusive Interview

Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of LA Direct Models

I was lucky enough to catch up with the gorgeous, big bootayed Alexis Texas recently. She’s now been in the biz for five years and is still going strong. She has achieved much including being named Elegant Angel’s Buttwoman, an honor she is proud of. Alexis is definitely at the top of the list of most loved porn stars. And she is in a relationship with another beloved performer, Mr. Pete. Alexis is a fan favorite not only for her good looks and hot scenes, but also for being down to earth, open and friendly.

Hi Alexis. Where are you?

I am in L.A.
I wondered because I saw that you were featuring in Texas and your are going to be appearing at Exxxotica in Miami. So did you fly back to L.A. for one day?

Pretty much. My schedule has been pretty crazy the last couple months.
Well you have been in the industry for a while now and you get more famous every year. I guess that’s a good thing, huh?
Yes. I am not complaining. Someone has to do it, why not me!
You are so busy. I read your twitter and every couple days you are in a different place. You must know the plane crew people’s names by now.
Probably the TSA people I know more.
They probably know you better also. Hey Alexis, what kind of dildos do you have in your bag today?
I don’t travel with those type of things on me. I usually bring that stuff, but pack it in the checked luggage.
So what are you doing back in L.A. for one day?
I am getting ready for Miami. I picked up some new movies and 8×10’s and doing last minute errands before I leave tomorrow morning.
When did you get into LA?
I got in at nine o’clock this morning.
I’m guessing you can sleep on planes, because otherwise you would get no sleep.
I can sleep on planes. My back doesn’t really like it, but I do sleep on planes very well.

Happy Birthday coming up by the way! (It’s May 25th) So I read you are celebrating your birthday month.

I am. I like to celebrate the whole month.
Are you having a party or anything?
I’m going to be in New York City with my girlfriend Monique Alexander whose birthday is the day after mine. We are going to have like a Sex in the City party. I’m excited. New York is one of my favorite places. Both of my parents are from New York, so it’s always been a special place in my heart. Now that I am older being able to go out and enjoy the clubs. It’s fun.
How old are you going to be?
I’m going to be twenty-seven. I still get carded for lottery tickets so I feel good. I’ve got good genes. 
What do you want for your birthday?
I don’t know. That is a tough one. I was actually thinking about that today. I was thinking that’s it’s quickly coming up and I need to tell Pete (Mr. Pete) what I want for my birthday. But I don’t know yet. I have to think of something really good.
Really expensive too.
I like your style Cindi. I’m going to tell Pete you said that.
Thanks. (Laughs) Tell him you want the new Lamborghini or something.
That’s hot, I wish.
Besides all the other great things you have going for you, you and Pete have to have one of the best long-term relationships in porn.
Thank you.
How long have you been with Mr. Pete?
Five  years.
He must be doing something right.
He is doing something right. I don’t have any complaints.

It’s gotta to be extra hard to be in a relationship when you are a porn star, with a porn star.
I think it kinda helps that we are. It makes us understand and relate to the problems of the industry. We do pretty good. We talk about what we will tolerate and what we won’t.
Don’t you get jealous when he is fucking someone else?
No, not really because I fuck someone else too. So if I got mad at him, he could get mad at me. We understand that sex is a physical thing, not an emotional thing. It’s fun. Why not enjoy ourselves while we are young!
You guys must really trust each other which is the hardest thing to have in any relationship.
Yes, that’s true. It takes a lot of hard work, but we do it.
And you still talk about how wonderful he is, which is really sweet. I read where you said you missed Mr. Pete when you were out of town.
It keeps it fresh. It is hard on him. He’s understanding, and he’s a good guy.

The last time I interviewed you for an Xcitement cover was in April 2009 right before Exxxotica. I heard you are going to be featuring at T’s Lounge this month. You are feature dancing like mad.
I am. I have been featuring like crazy lately. And doing the conventions also.
Where have you danced in Florida?
I’ve only danced at Madonna’s on South Beach so far. I’m looking forward to my featuring in West Palm Beach at T’s Lounge. I’ve heard great things about T’s, go I can’t wait to go try a new place out and I love Florida, it’s always a fun time. I can’t wait to shake my big booty on stage.
You will be on the cover of the Xcitement issue, that is in the clubs while you are featuring here.
Oh, cool, very cool. Thank you for that.

I bet you have a crazy fan story that you’d like to share.

At the AVN convention one year a fan waiting in line and came up to me and had this vial full of dirt. And he said to me, I want you to always remember your roots, and then he pulled out a handful of pictures. He had gone to my hometown and got dirt from where I live and put it in the necklace and took pictures from around my town.
That’s kind of creepy because you lived in a small town.
It was very interesting to say the least. I thought it was sweet in a weird way.
Well it is definitely creative and unique. Nobody else did that. And nobody else should.
It came from a good place.

What is your favorite show that you do when you feature? I can see you as a cowgirl, that is the costume I picture you in.
I do do a cowgirl one. I think for a long time my Buttwoman one was my favorite one. I have a cape and whole blue sparkly outfit, and boots, I felt like a super hero.
I wanted to ask you about Buttwoman. What is the actual title? Are you Miss Buttwoman?
I was Buttwoman. I was the longest Buttwoman for Elegant Angel.  It was a fun experience and I did a lot of really fun stuff with them and I took it as far as I could so I feel that I did a good job of holding my title and when you think of Buttwoman I feel like everyone thinks of Alexis Texas.
That’s true, because I can’t remember who did it before you.
Exactly. See ? I ruined it for everybody! (laughs) Before me was Brianna Love. And the current one is Kelly Devine.
Kelly qualifies, she certainly has a nice big butt.
She does.
But I haven’t seen her do anything as Buttwoman yet. To me you are the ultimate Buttwoman.

I have to agree. I am a little biased though.

So what is up next for you?
I’ve been touring more these last few years and I like being on the road because of the interaction with my fans and it’s a good way for people I meet, who don’t know me, to become fans. I am a people person, a very social person, so I like to be around a lot of different people. I minored in Sociology, so I like to see people in their surroundings. It’s really cool, the dynamics and I get to travel all over both in the states and internationally. I’ve had a really fun time doing that. I don’t know the specific things I’ll do next.
When I talked to you three years ago you mentioned that you had already done two hundred movies. What number are you at now?
I know it is over three hundred. I’m not really sure.
And with internet scenes anymore you don’t know how to count them.
Yeah, it’s kind of tough. That is why I say over three hundred.
Have you directed a movie yet?
I haven’t. I do things for my site .
Do you think you want to?
It is definitely something that I am interested in. I have a lot of creative ideas that I would like to reach out to the public. I’ve been so busy.
You can always do it down the road.
I think it’s time will come. I feel like I am still building my brand and trying to do big things.

What stands out to you, the most fun to make, the best scenes, the best movie that you have ever made?
I think Buttwoman Returns for me was by far my favorite movie that I’ve ever done. It was a fun time. It shows my evolving of a performer from when I first started to where I was at in my career at that point. Those movies are always fun because you get to pick who you want to work with so there is always really good chemistry.
?Who did you have sex with in that movie?
A lot of people! (Laughs) I did five scenes because I was in all of the scenes. I worked with Mr. Pete obviously, Charlee Chase, James Deen, Johnny Sins. My other favorite movie was Buttwoman Versus Buttwoman, because that was with Kristina Rose, who is a good friend of mine.
I love Kristina. I love that she says whatever she feels like saying at that moment.
She is a little firecracker. She is a tell it how it is kind of girl.
Who would you say are your best friends in the business?
Kristina Rose, Monique Alexander, and Alektra Blue.
Wow, you have some very hot friends!
I like that. You gotta have hot girlfriends.

Do you prefer gonzo or scripted movies?
I’m a gonzo girl. Straight and to the point. Scripted is fine too, it can be fun. But I like gonzo better.
So you like showing up, getting hot and fucking everyone.
Pretty much! That’s what it’s about. Most people aren’t really watching the story lines.
You know who watches the storylines? Me and other reviewers because we have to write about the movie.
You don’t get the fun part.
You are right. I don’t get to have the sex, I just get to watch you have it. You have done quite a few acting roles though and you are pretty good at dialog. Do you have a favorite one of those?
Most of mine aren’t really big parts. I say a couple of things here and there.
I liked Ghostbusters.
Ghostbusters was fun. I liked the whole ghost thing, it was cool. But all I did there was walk through the library. I like the dressing up I got to do. The cool costumes. When I did BatmanXXX I was a sixties girl.

Great movie. What turns you on?

In a man? Or in general?
You obviously have some real orgasms in your scenes and really like what you are doing. So is it the whole idea of doing it in front of the camera that turns you on or do you think about it the night before…
I definitely don’t think about it the night before. It’s based on chemistry and because I don’t work all the time now, doing a scene is new and exciting. I’m in the moment.
Do you have sex everyday?
No, but I do masturbate everyday.
What do you think about?
I’m kind of a weird person. I can watch regular tv and not really think about anything. But there are some times that there are hot moments from a scene or a girl crush I have or a guy. Maybe something on TV will trigger it. It’s always different.
Do you use fingers or toys?

Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
Those questions are the worst. I feel like I have had them all fulfilled because of what I do. Everything I ever want to try I just go out and do it. As of right now I don’t have anything that I am lusting over and I need to get done.
What is the best sex you have ever had?
When I did my first anal scene for Buttwoman. I had never had anal sex before  except with Mr. Pete and we didn’t really even do it that much off camera before I did it on camera. It was special because it was a first. And people seeing me have anal sex for the first time was kind of a moment. It was really hot intense sex so it was really good. I liked it.
We liked watching it. What was the weirdest place you ever had sex?
In a limo. Driving around LA. It was for a scene. Supposed to be like some rocker girls and Bree Olson was our manager. I had sex with Jack Vegas in the back of a limo. It was the hardest scene ever. It was odd. It was hard to keep momentum.

That sounds complicated. I know you just finished filming a movie that I can’t wait to see called Deviance 3. What did you do in the movie?
I did two scenes. I was the star of this movie of course. I did a scene with Mike Stefano.
I love Mike Stefano.
He’s my absolute favorite.
I didn’t know he was still performing in scenes.
He comes back here and there. He moved to Thailand for awhile and then he came back. I got him to do my movie. He’s a hottie. He’s so good at what he does.
?I’ve been watching him from his days at Extreme Associates with Jewel DeNyle. And he is for sure a hottie. That’s a very nice compliment from you. Who was your second scene with?

It was a girl/girl/girl/girl. (Laughs) Me, Teagan Presley, Eva Angelina & Lexi Belle. It was hardcore, not pretty glamour stuff. Everything was dark and dungeon like. There were cages. It was a very cool set up.
Was this a two and two scene? Or all four together.
It was first two and two and then all mingled together. I started with Teagan.
I can’t wait to see this movie because (director) Joshua does beautiful stuff. The first two in the series were top-notch hardcore flicks.
It always comes out really good.
Did you do the Deviance dance?
I did.
It’s tradition now, you have to do it.
It is. He’s silly.
I’m sure you had fun on that set because you had such great people to work with.
I definitely did and I always do. Me and Teagan travel together. We tour on the road doing a T & A Tour, dancing together. (T & A as in Teagan & Alexis)

?Want to mention your website?
My website is It is where you can see me doing the hottest things. It’s my creativity, not the normal things that you see all the time. It’s really cool stuff and different scenes. There are scenes with balloons, hot girl/girl stuff. I did a slumber party at my house and we were all in onesies. It’s just fun and different. It’s more reality type stuff.
And of course it’s sexy because you are in it.
Of Course!
Do you have a message for your fans?
I appreciate my fans for watching all my stuff and I want to make sure they keep appreciating my big booty.
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