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Aline Interview

Video Interview May 26.Stills

She’s been in porn seven months. For 30 months previous, she worked as a stripper. Before that, she was a maintenance girl for apartments.

Her earliest memory is sticking ABC 1-2-3 blocks n her socks at age two to try on high heels.

Aline’s a military brat and she hated all the moving. “You make a friend and then you lose a friend.”

“I was homecoming queen. I never wore dresses at that time. I was a big tomboy but I never played sports for the school.”

Luke: “What did you love and hate about stripping?”

Aline: “I loved meeting new people. I hated the emotional hustle you had to do for money, so I just quit doing it.”

In her spare time, Aline plays Playstation and plays with her dog.

Her life goal? “To survive.”

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