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Alive, But Not Well-UPDATE

UPDATE- Thank you for all the sweet messages here and on twitter. Poor Hyberion, at least I didn’t have it that bad! I finally got some painkillers this after noon from the Dentist. There are called Gabapentin and they take the pain down about 50% which I can live with. He gave me FOUR pills, lol, so I hope I am all better by tomorrow or I am going to have to move to alcohol intoxication to relieve the pain, lol.


After maxing my credit card,  3 hours in the torture chair, 3 big shots in the top of my mouth & drilling until my head was about to explode, I was allowed to leave the dentist’s office.

I am taking Aleve because they gave me NO PAINKILLERS!

It doesn’t hurt too much as long as I don’t swallow, breath, talk, move, walk or have my heart beat. Hopefully I’ll be a lot better by tomorrow, if not I might have to find a street corner pharmacist, lol.

Talk to you later. Well no maybe not, how about  I’ll write  you more tomorrow.


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