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Alix Says She Was Too Intelligent For Me

I interviewed Alix last week. She didn’t like my write-up.

She writes on her website:

I should have known better. But what’s done is done. The good thing is that many people have come to the blog from the interview.

I wouldn’t want to blow his head off, but I do agree that he is inept. I think he left out most of what I said because I didn’t sound like a victim. I probably sounded too intelligent.

I am in this business because I chose to be in it. I believe in myself and I like what I do. I am not ashamed of it nor am I unhappy. That doesn’t go along with his menacing portrayal of porn as a monster industry out to gobble up all the stupid women that get into it. He had to use my first interview to make me look worse. It just shows that he didn’t know what to do. I hope I confused him and made him nervous.

Zombie Girl posts:

It’s interesting to see your post interview response regarding Luke’s interview. You seemed very hopeful directly after the interview… but not anymore. LOL. it’s ok, everyone learns what Luke is about eventually & either they hate him, feel sorry for him or put up with him. The latter two will find out with time & experience that they should’ve just hated him in the first place & saved a lot of headache. Luke is scared of intelligent women.

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